THE INTERN – Rated PG-13


From the Writer and Director Nancy Meyers, the woman who has brought us such heart-warming and delightful films as THE HOLIDAY, IT’s COMPLICATED and SOMETHING’S GOT TO GIVE, comes her latest little gem, which places the incredibly talented Robert DeNiro in a new role – becoming a SENIOR INTERN, with her latest film ~ aptly called ~ THE INTERN.

Widower Ben Whittaker has had enough of his endless days of traveling, and nights filled with defining silence, as retirement since his wife died isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

When his flirtatious friend Patty (Linda Lavin), comes across a flyer for a new job opportunity at a local high-tech clothing company, Ben is chomping at the bit to secure this new way to pass his time.

Flying through his numerous interviews with flying colors, Ben is placed in position to intern none other than the owner of company, Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway).

Even though Jules agreed to their new SENIOR INTERN Program, having an intern of her very own ~ and one who is so observant too ~ may be more than she initially bargained for.

Always in constant motion it seems, riding from one important meeting to the next, Jules soon finds that Ben’s assistance ~ plus his extensive knowledge in so many areas of business and in life ~ is paying off big dividends for her in both her professional and personal life…as, how did she make it through before Ben came along…?

I give THE INTERN a rating between A MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN and WAIT FOR IT ON DVD ~ Meyers managed to give us DeNiro as a character we don’t frequently see from this Oscar winner ~ one of an adorably sweet and loving man, mixed with a dash of “I’m still the man about town hutzpah” making him someone that everyone wants in their lives, especially his new masseuse/girlfriend Fiona in the film (Played by Rene Russo). The chemistry between DeNiro and Hathaway is extremely enjoyable and palatable throughout too, as they both found a way to play off one another’s strengths in each and every scene…and the little girl who plays Hathaway’s character’s daughter Paige in the film (JoJo Kushner) is absolutely the most adorable little creature I’ve seen in a long time too (next to my own girls of course 😉 ). Add in the boys from the WORKAHOLICS television show – including Anders Holm – who plays Hathaway’s Stay-at-home Hubby Matt, Adam Devine – who plays one of her staff named Jason – and who just happens to have the HOTS for her administrative assistant Becky (Christina Scherer), and Zach Perlman, who plays Davis, the tag along youngster for DeNiro’s character throughout the film, and you have a movie filled with unexpected laughs and giggles at every turn. But, you must know too that THE INTERN also has just as many heart wrenching twists and turns in Hathaway’s character’s life too, once again playing to the many elements in a woman’s life ~ which is what Meyers conveys in each of her films. THE INTERN is a GREAT ESCAPE from the epic action packed thrillers and total downer true-story dramas we have seen the last couple months, making it one entertaining film that made me happy for two hours straight…and isn’t that why we head to a theater anyway – but I couldn’t just give it A MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN, as, I wasn’t moved by it quite that much 😉

Kathy Kaiser

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