Well, as summer will be nothing be a distant memory soon, apparently so are the days of JASON STATHAM playing the lead character Frank Miles in the TRANSPORTER Franchise ~ apparently 3 was enough for him ~ so lets retool and recast for another fast paced adventure as we take on ~

Special Ops mercenary Frank Miles (Ed Skrein) is making his way through France, and working towards helping his father Frank Senior (Ray Stevenson) adjust to his new “retirement”.

When Frank receives an anonymous call for a NEW TRANSPORT JOB, he agrees to finding out what this new job entails, and exactly WHAT he will be transporting.

Enter the beautiful, yet deadly Anna (Loan Chabanol) into Frank’s life, promising to save him, and his father ~ who has been kidnapped ~ if he agrees to transporting her and her BLONDE BOMBSHELL accomplices to numerous destinations.

Torn between denying this job, and saving his father, Frank goes deeper and deeper into the world of espionage and intrigue from his past…as this particular TRANSPORT ends up being LOTS MORE than he had bargained for…

I give TRANSPORTER Refueled a rating of DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ~ even though I particularly enjoy ACTION PACKED THRILLERS, and have thoroughly enjoyed watching Statham transport away, this latest Transporter film should have never left the starting gate. Skrein tries his best to bring a new “younger” and “sexier” feel to the franchise, and Stevenson, as his father, tries also to ad a new dynamic to the storyline, but between the really bad writing ~ the really bad action sequences ~ and the lack of real chemistry between any of the characters of this film ~ this film is just one big mess!! I’m thinking that when Statham declined a 4th film, that should have been the studios clue to be DONE WITH THIS FRANCHISE ALREADY!!! I had an inkling going in that this film was going to be subpar, and subpar it most definitely was. I actually found myself laughing towards the end of the film ~ and not because it was meant to be funny either ~ as the action and cinematography playing out on screen was becoming so ridiculous, unrealistic and ludicrous, that I found I couldn’t respond any other way…

Kathy Kaiser

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