When we first meet Wendy (Patricia Clarkson), she has been shocked into the realization that her marriage ~ and the world as she knows it ~ are coming to an end…

Refocusing on her work as a New York Book Critic and assisting her daughter Tasha (Grace Gummer) with adjusting to life away at college, Wendy soon finds that she is no longer able to rely on her estranged husband Ted (Jake Weber), for anything, including being her chauffeur. This is becoming very problematic…since she has never learned how to drive.

When a chance encounter brings Sikh Indian driving instructor Darwan (Ben Kingsley) into her life, Wendy is given the opportunity to rely on no one but herself, in order to gain her independence on the road.

Frightened at even the thought of getting behind the wheel of a car, Darwan must muster up as much patience as possible, assisting his new student in learning the ways of the road…and life…

Little does Wendy know, but Darwan’s life is in turmoil too, as he has agreed to marry a women from his homeland ~ hand selected by his sister ~ who will be arriving in the U.S. very soon, thus changing life as he knows it too…

As Darwan and Wendy find strength and compassion for one another as their instructor/student relationship heads into the BEST FRIEND ZONE, they both find that letting go of the past, and looking towards their futures, will take them down the long and winding road they were meant to travel all along…

I give LEARNING TO DRIVE a rating of: CATCH THIS FILM WHEN IT COMES OUT ON DVD ~ I always enjoy Kingsley in everything he does, and this film is no exception. But, with that said, I felt that this film, and Clarkson’s performance, were very reminiscent of a MADE FOR TV MOVIE ~ rather than the MAJOR MOTION PICTURE FEEL I was hoping for. The premise of this film was somewhat hard to comprehend too ~ as fathoming that someone of Clarkson’s age wouldn’t have had some driving experience before now, was as they say, a little far fetched. Yes, this film is cute. Yes, this film is quirky. And yes, It’s enjoyable to view, but even with its heartfelt storyline throughout, this film seems best suited to be viewed on your own BIG SCREEN, in the luxury of your very own home…

Kathy Kaiser

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