Trainwreck poster

“You dress him like that so that no one else wants to have sex with him? That’s cool…”

From Writer and Director JUDD APATOW ~ who brought us the 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN, KNOCKED UP, and THIS IS 40, comes a comedy written by and starring female comedic sensation AMY SCHUMER ~ Yes, this film is a CREATIVE FIRESTORM in the making, So, get ready to go TOTALLY OFF THE RAILS of relationships as we know them, as you take in ~ TRAINWRECK!

Forced to accept the realization that “Monogamy isn’t realistic” after the divorce of her parents – Men’s Magazine correspondent Amy (Amy Schumer) is living the HIGH LIFE – “sleeping” her way through life at warp speed! When she attempts to form some semblance of a normal relationship with boyfriend Steven (played by WWE Wrestler John Cena), even his super-incredible body and baby blues can’t keep her from her “extra-curricular activities” with other guys.

When Amy is given the job of interviewing one of the BEST SPORTS DOCTORS EVER – Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Aaron Connors (Bill Hader), little does she know that “normalcy” might be just around the corner, of course, after the two of them “hook-up”, and then they are blessed with relationship guidance from Dr. Connors friend and patient LeBron James…

I give TRAINWRECK 4 out of 5 Stars: Amy Schumer is absolutely FABULOUS, playing “herself” in this film~ so if you enjoy Amy’s humorously funny anecdotes on REAL LIFE ~ get ready~ as she has so many hilarious one-liners, material that will have you in stitches the entire time you are viewing this film – NO LIE!!! And the males in the audience during the advanced screening were laughing their “you know what’s” off too, because if Amy isn’t keeping the goods times rolling with her sexual exploits and off-color humor, Hader and James and their “male bonding” make for some fantastic viewing too! Apatow and Schumer have hit a HOME RUN bringing Amy’s writing and comedic genius to the BIG SCREEN with this film. Take my world for it, this is one romantic comedy that you ARE BOTH going to want to see ~ I haven’t enjoyed a film like I enjoyed TRAINWRECK in quite some time!! So, if you ask me, TRAINWRECK is the MUST SEE FILM that everyone will want to check out this weekend! WAY TO GO AMY ;)…and JUDD TOO!!!

Kathy Kaiser

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