ALOFT ~ Rated R

Aloft Movie Poster


Peruvian Writer and Director Claudia Llosa brings to life a tale that is mesmerizingly heart-breaking, yet surreal and eloquent all at the same time, with her latest film ~ ALOFT.

As we meet Nana Kunning (Jennifer Connelly), she is in search of a natural healer by the name of Newman (William Shimmell), whose powers have saved many lives, and she hopes he can help save her ailing younger son Gully (Winta McGrath). Caught in the tumultuous life in which they live as a family, her older son Ivan (Zen McGrath/Cillian Murphy) focuses most of his attention and energy on training his pet Falcon, so that his mother can put all her energy into saving Gully’s life.

When Nana realizes that she too has THE POWER to change lives through her healing, she focuses her energy on saving others, instead of focusing on what should matter most ~ her own children.

When a tragic accident claims Gully’s life ~ Nana draws even more distant from Ivan, deserting him while in his grandfather’s care, and never looking back.

Flash forward 20 years, and journalist Jannia Ressmore (Melanie Laurent) comes to cover Ivan’s story on his wizardly ways with his Falcons, and convinces him to travel with in order to complete their interview, only to be blind-sided with the appearance of a woman from his past…

I give ALOFT 3 out of 5 Stars: Even though the storyline and portions of this film are as depressing as any film I’ve seen in quite some time, both the younger Ivan (Zen McGrath) and the older Ivan (Cillian Murphy) are superb in their respective roles, making their way through life without much parental engagement. Connelly is also performing some of her best work to date in this Indie film, as the distant and disengaged mother, that would rather save the world, than spend one ounce of energy on her only living son. The cinematography is also beautiful throughout the film, as many incredible scene will be encountered, but this film seems to move along very slowly for me, and I just couldn’t find myself coming to terms with any mother that would rather heal the world, instead of helping to heal the anguish in the heart of her own son, which she helped to create…

Kathy Kaiser

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