SELF/LESS ~ Rated PG-13

SELF/LESS – Rated PG-13

selfless movie poster

“God created Man. Man created Immortality.”

Director Tarsem Singh and brother writing team David and Alex Pastor bring to the big screen a psychological thriller that proves ~ if you have the money and know the right scientists ~ YOU ~ or at least your mind and consciousness can live on FOREVER with their new film ~ SELF/LESS.

Even with wealth and power on your side, if the THE BIG C (Cancer) decides to take you out, what choices do you really have when the end seems inevitable?

It seems that powerful business magnate and billionaire Damian Hale (Ben Kingsley) is about to face the end of his. But, Lucky for Hale before the end is finally here, he happens upon the miracle work of Prof. Albright (Matthew Goode). Albright and his team have devised a way to transfer your mind to a pseudo host body, giving you the ability to live on indefinitely ~ all you need is a significant amount of cold-hard cash, and you too, can LIVE FOREVER.

With the mind transfer complete, the new and improved younger Hale (played by Ryan Reynolds), finds that the mind of a 50+ year old man in the body of a 20 something, is really more exciting than even Hale dreamed possible! Coming to terms with the nuances of this transfer, Albright assures Hale that everything will become “Picture perfect” as long as he continues to take his prescribed medication, and follows the diagnosed plan Albright has laid out for him.

Even with following Albright’s instructions, something must be wrong, as Hale cannot shake the vivid dreams he is suddenly having of a beautiful young girl, which is not his daughter Madeline (Natalie Martinez), who he has been estranged from for quite some time. When these dreams seem to get more vivid and overwhelm his consciousness, Hale must find out who this little girl is, and what does she have to do with him? Or, does she have something to do with the person he now inhabits…

I give SELF/LESS 4 out of 5 stars: The premise of this film seems really SCARY to me ~ I mean how far fetched is the premise of MIND TRANSFER with all of the medical and technological advances in the 21st Century. Goode’s portrayal of the debonair, yet very creepy Professor Albright will keep you on the edge of your seat, plus, Kingsley and Reynolds portrayal of the older and younger Damian Hale, is also something to behold. It was fantastic seeing Kingsley again on the big screen ~ LOVE HIM in everything he does ~ and as for Reynolds, his acting prowess seems to grow by leaps and bounds with each and every character he plays ~ between this role and what he did in WOMAN IN GOLD, I see more LEADING MAN roles headed his way, as his portrayal in this film is FABULOUS! Throw in the portrayal of Hale’s friend Martin (played by the incomparable television and movie actor Victor Garber), and you have one absolutely fantastic film that is a definite MUST SEE for everyone in your family over the age of 13!!!

Kathy Kaiser

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