AMY – Rated R

AMY – Rated R


“I only write about stuff that’s happened to me… stuff I can’t get past personally. Luckily, I’m quite self-destructive.”  

Told in her own voice, from years of footage captured throughout her tumultuous and tragically short life, AMY is a biographical account of Jazz singing sensation AMY WINEHOUSE, comprised by Director Asif Kapadia, sharing the life of the amazingly beautiful, incredibly talented, yet spiritually tortured singer.

When we meet the young, and incredibly talented Amy, she is sharing her gift of song with a few friends, not really planning on making it her life’s work.

As her friend, turned manager Nick Shymansky realizes Amy’s talent and where it could take them both, he seeks out ways to get her in front of an audience to show her off to the world. Tortured by the demise of her parent’s marriage, and her uneasiness on stage, Amy personal and professional life seems to be skidding off the rails…

As word of Amy and her talents spreads like wildfire across England, Amy crosses paths with the incomparable American hip-hop master Mos Def a.k.a Yaslin Bey, as he too sees the talent that IS AMY, and wants to help her jump start her career.

When Amy falls hard for bad boy Blake Fielder-Civil, their tumultuous romance and eventual marriage only fuels the demons inside, which control Amy’s mere existence.

Seeing an opportunity for AMY, and for himself too, another man from her past comes a calling, offering his assistance in raising her to Super-star status across the globe, her manager and father Mitch Winehouse…

But with all of these supposed loving people around her, how does this fairytale end in such tragedy???

I give AMY 5 out of 5 Stars: This film is breathtakingly beautiful and grotesquely tragic all at the same time. Watching Amy Winehouse live out her life through years of footage never seen before, and hearing her share her own thoughts and dreams, is something everyone of this century needs to experience. Watching the sometimes frail and strung out young girl, rise from a teenager with the pipes of an angel and the writing skills of a poet laureate, to becoming one of the most intoxicating entertainers of our times, is not only heart wrenching and extremely moving, but it will light the fire of anger inside of you too, as you find her tragic ending could have been prevented, had the right people entered into her life. This is one of the best documentaries I have had the privilege to view in my lifetime, so even though it is in limited release, I suggest seeking this film out at a theater near you. IT IS DEFINITELY A MUST SEE FOR ALL MUSIC LOVERS regardless of what genre you enjoy listening to!

Kathy Kaiser


  1. Matinee Chat with Kathy Kaiser


    If you are okay with the language and the drugs, then I think your good, the movie will also show your daughter the pitfalls and setbacks of FAME, along with the lesson of who NOT TO SURROUND yourself with. My 15 year old saw it and LOVED IT 😉


  2. Dorothy Shiloff Hughes

    Wondering if I should take my precocious 13 year old musical theater daughter to see it. She is begging me to, and I have no trouble with language. She understands the dangers of drugs and alcohol. I tend to err on the side of leniency in allowing her to see things with me (musicals, films, tv shows). She has acted in many shows and films with language not always suitable for kids as long as the theme of the production is positive. Thanks!


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