TERMINATOR ~ GENISYS – Rated PG-13 – May Contain Spoilers – but not any more than the trailer :)


TERMINATOR ~ GENISYS – Rated PG-13 – May Contain Spoilers (But not any more than the trailer 🙂

 “I’LL BE BACK!” – and so he is…

From ALAN TAYLOR, the man that brought us THOR – THE DARK WORLD –comes the next installment in the TERMINATOR FRANCHISE ~#5 to be exact~ as we travel back to the year 1984 to begin anew… or do we???…Welcome to the world of TERMINATOR ~ GENISYS.

The final clash between human and machine is upon us as John Connor (Jason Clarke) and his comrade Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) are determined to save the world they know from extinction.

When John’s premonition of a time machine comes to fruition, it seems the only way to truly save the world, is to send Reese back to when young Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) was just starting her own plight to save the world from machines, with her Guardian – the TERMINATOR himself (Arnold Schwarzenegger).

Once teleported back to 1984 to save Sarah, Reese is met instantly by a machine – a hybrid formed to destroy not only Reese, but to extinguish young Sarah and her Guardian too. When it seems that the future still holds a way for our world to meet an untimely END ~ the computer generated program known as GENYSIS ~Reese, Sarah and THE TERMINATOR must find a way back to the future to save our world from being eliminated once and for all…

I give TERMINATOR GENYSIS 3.5 out of 5 Stars: I loved Arnold as THE TERMINATOR in the original 1984 film, so I was a little giddy to see him back for more destruction and annihilation as Sarah Connor’s Guardian. And being true to the original BLOCKBUSTER, this film has many a scene that will take you back to where it all began. Courtney and J. Clarke are both perfect in their roles trying to save the world, and Emilia Clarke, of GAME OF THRONES fame, is also believable as the young Sarah Connor. But, the young starlet comes across way too young for her supposed love interest in the film (Courtney), as she seems to be 15 and he seems to be, shall we say, way older than that. I also enjoyed the short, but convincing role of detective O’Brien (J.K. Simmons), who tries to help keep us straight on whether we are in the past, present or future by his memories, which brings to light the other issue I was having while viewing this film ~ where in the time line are we now? as the constant TIME TRAVEL premise is a little hard to follow at times. In the end, TERMINATOR – GENISYS was entertaining to view on 3D, I just found myself hoping for a little more EXCITEMENT from this cast, and ARNOLD too…

Kathy Kaiser

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