magic-mike-xxl-new-poster-revealed-01Magic Mike XXL


“You BANGY?”…

Writer & Producer Reid Carolin is back working collaboratively with Channing Tatum yet again – having already joined forces on MAGIC MIKE, 22 JUMP STREET and WHITE HOUSE DOWN ~ and this time around they are back to making more STRIPPER ESCAPADES abound~ so come along and lets feast our eyes on MAGIC MIKE XXL!

3 years after leaving his stripping past to make his fortune in the furniture business, Mike (Channing Tatum) has the world on a string! When an urgent phone call comes in from Tarzan (Kevin Nash), it seems Mike must head back for a wake and join the rest of his comrades, including BIG DICK RICHIE (Joe Manganiello), KEN (Matt Bomer), and TITO (Adam Rodriquez), as one of their own has perished.

Finding that this sudden death announcement was just a ruse to get him back with “his boys”, Mike comes to the conclusion that he not only missed them, but the stripping way of life too! Bound and determined that this will be their LAST RIDE, the guys set out to win the TOP PRIZE ~ being the best strippers of all time at the National Stripping convention this year.

When DJ Tobias (Gabriel Iglesias) gets hurt in an accident, the boys set out to find his replacement…as they head off to New Orleans to seek out one of Mike’s old flames, the beautiful and multi-talented Rome (Jada Pinkett-Smith). With the boys back together to dance the night away…will they be able to wow the world with their ol’ faithful dance moves, or will new, more sensual styling’s be in order to prove they are still, and always will be THE KINGS OF TAMPA?!

I give MAGIC MIKE XXL 3.5 out of 5 Stars: Okay, we all know why we headed to the theater to see Tatum and his entourage putting it all out there yet again! But, McConaughey fans will be saddened to know~ no Matthew this time, and no Pettyfer either, as apparently one stripper film was their limit. But, even without Dallas and THE KID, you are still in for a few new, nicely chiseled GODS consisting of Luke Broadlick, Stephen Boss, and even a gold thong clad Michael Strahan to heat things up! VERY NICE! The storyline this time around tries to broaden its horizons too, with subplot, after subplot, after subplot – just get to the dancing already! And, just as MAGIC MIKE made Channing Tatum the stand out star (no-pun intended) of that film, it seems that it’s Manganiello’s turn in MM XXL to shine, as his character and his scenes are the most noteworthy by far ~ from the convenient store scene (expanded from the trailer) to the his final dance sequences – OMG – he is not only ON FIRE but hilarious the whole way through ~ WHO KNEW?! It was also fantastic to see them include ladies of all shapes and sizes in the casting too ~ seems we wanted to strike a chord with everyone in the audience watching, which was very refreshing. But, I must also share, that all of the plot twists and male bonding sequences were getting a little tiresome for me – call me “old school”, but I so enjoyed the dance routines of Magic Mike more with all of them in formation, dancing their tales off, scene, after scene after scene. I would actually rather catch Magic Mike again ~ than to sit through another viewing of Magic Mike XXL. This film was so hyped to be THE BIGGEST STRIPPER MOVIE OF ALL TIME ~ and, Yes, I was totally mesmerized by Mr. Manganiello and what he brought to this film (Sofia Vergara is one lucky lady), and the audience of the advanced screening I was at, did cheer when it was over, but I felt that this film was so contrived, plot ridden and laden with subpar dance sequences that Magic Mike XXL just ended up lacking the luster of THE ORIGINAL FILM…sorry ladies, but I think this one falls to the CURSE OF THE SEQUAL!

Kathy Kaiser

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