ME and EARL and the DYING GIRL – Rated PG13

Me and earl and the dying girlME and EARL and the DYING GIRL ~ Rated PG-13

Directed by Alphonso Gomez-Rejon and literally taken from the pages of the Jesse Andrew’s Novel by the same name~ since he wrote the screenplay too~ comes the SUNDANCE AWARD WINNING FILM, receiving both the U.S Dramatic Grand Jury Award and the U.S. Dramatic Audience Award this year ~ so come along…because It’s finally time that we all get to enjoy ME and EARL and the DYING GIRL!

As we meet Greg (Thomas Mann), a high school Senior who seems to have achieved the unimaginable, befriending every clique and social group within the walls of his educational institution, without actually becoming anyone’s friend.

While making his way as best he can through the trails and tribulations of these dreaded 4 years, Greg does manage to let one person ~ his “coworker” EARL (RJ Cyler) hang with him, as they produce new versions of old film classics ~ as a way to pass the time and appease their inner creative genius.

Things are going as well as can be expected, especially when you are being raised by a psychoanalytic father (Nick Offerman) and an ever impeding on your space mother (Connie Britton). Well, that is until this person that you plead with daily to “stay out of your stuff and out of your room” makes the request that you befriend the daughter of a friend of hers named Rachel (Olivia Cooke), who you have maybe met once or twice, yet don’t really know. And the reason behind this request is even more ludicrous ~ you should befriend her because she has just been diagnosed with Leukemia, and who knows how long she’s got…

With no other choice but to seek out Rachel and attempt to form some type of friendship with her, Greg finds himself slowly but surely spending almost every waking moment in the life of his newfound “FRIEND”, trying to achieve the type of friendship that will make everyone happy. And maybe, just maybe this will finally get his mother off of his “you know what”.

But, what about having time to make movies, or hang with co-worker EARL, and even maybe do some homework before senior year is nothing but a faint memory???

I give ME and EARL and the DYING GIRL 5 out of 5 Stars: Talk about a film that deserves all the awards from SUNDANCE and so much more; this film is absolutely Brilliant! Mann is perfect playing the “invisible man” in his own mind, but with a heart of gold and then some. Cooke plays the role of Rachel, the strong and valiant fighter to the end with exceptional grace and realism ~ be prepared to be truly moved, and RJ Cyler as “co-worker” EARL is also fantastic in his role as the stereotypical young black friend who isn’t going to have anyone guessing what he thinks, as he states it just as it is! Andrews fabulous story is so REAL, so GENUINE, so absolutely TOUCHING AND SENSITIVE~ yet so incredibly funny too at times ~ you will find yourself riding a roller coaster of emotions the whole way through. If you loved THE FAULT IN OUR STARS…this film is EVEN BETTER…if you can imagine that!!! I promise, you will walk away from this film knowing you have seen DRAMATIC CINEMA AT IT’s FINEST! Make no mistake, if you can only catch one film this weekend, you have to see ME and EARL and THE DYING GIRL ~ just make sure to bring along some tissues…and a good friend to share it with too…

Kathy Kaiser

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