MAX – Rated PG

MAx movie poster

MAX – Rated PG

Director and Writer Boaz Yakin, who has brought us NOW YOU SEE ME, PRINCE OF PERSIA, SAFE and REMEMBER THE TITANS, brings us a very moving film about a an incredible canine who protects “his own” against all odds in the new film ~ MAX.

When we meet the eldest Wincott named Kyle (Robbie Amell), he is serving in the Marines in Afghanistan with his ammunition-sniffing canine named MAX. Max has saved countless lives throughout the conflict in Afghanistan, and of course, is Kyle’s best friend. Well, that is, next to his buddy from back home, Tyler Harne (Luke Kleintank), who serves in his regiment too.

While out on patrol, Max goes on alert, and Kyle heads his warning. Tyler seems to think that Max is spooking them for no reason, when the platoon is ambushed, and Kyle meets with the fate all parents fear the most.

Back home, younger brother Justin (Josh Wiggins) is doing what most teenage boys do ~ give Mom Pamela (Lauren Graham) and Dad Ray (Thomas Hayden Church) attitude, as Justin struggles with his purpose within their family, as who can compete with an older brother serving in the Armed Forces, just like the old man once did! So, to pass the time, Justin spends most of his time playing video games and hanging with good friend Chuy (Dejon LaQuake),

When the military representatives arrive with the fateful news about Kyle, the family is forced to not only grieve for their son, but decide what will become of MAX, Kyle’s comrade and most of all, pet, as he doesn’t like to be handled by anyone, anyone that is, except Justin…

I give MAX 3 out of 5 Stars: This family friendly film is truly touching one minute and exciting the next, as we follow Justin and his new companion Max, though all the trails and tribulations that come from being thrust into a world neither expected. Josh Wiggins is very good as the younger brother, turned handler, turned HERO, and I loved seeing Lauren Graham and Thomas Hayden Church back on the BIG SCREEN too. Yakin’s knack for story telling is just as apparent this time around as it was in REMEMBER THE TITANS, as you will be very moved throughout this entire film. My only complaint is that as the film progressed, it had more of a LIFETIME MOVIE feel to it, than a FEATURE MOTION PICTURE, but the story and premise of a young man and his new companion ~ and new girlfriend too ~ still entertained me, just the same.

Kathy Kaiser

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