THE BOYS ARE BACK! ~ And if you loved the small screen version of ENTOURAGE on HBO, then get ready for the now “LARGER THAN LIFE” debauchery and mayhem that ensues as VINCE (Adrian Grenier), ERIC (Kevin Connelly), TURTLE (Jerry Ferrara), DRAMA (Kevin Dillon), and ARI GOLD (Jeremy Piven) converge on HOLLYWOOD ~ yes, that’s right, HOLLYWOOD ~ As Vince and Ari try to leave their mark on the world with a new film ~ written, directed by and starring VINCE…so what could go wrong??

And just like in the real world, you can’t make a movie without someone backing your film…Enter Texas oil Tycoon Larsen McCredle (Billy Bob Thornton), and his son Travis (Haley Joel Osment), who have spent millions on Vince’s Directorial debut, but it seems they need a little more of McCredle’s money to GET THE JOB DONE!!! Ari tries to schmooze McCredle for a little more cash, but it seems that the only way to make this happen, is for Ari to take Travis back with him to LA to view Vince’s film in person~ as BIG DADDY wants to know his son’s take on this film ~ before he spends another dime!!!

While Ari and Vince are deep into their movie making, ERIC is making his moves on more woman than ever, even though his girlfriend Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui) is about to give birth to his child…TURTLE is making the most of his new found friendship with MMA fighter Ronda Rousey (playing herself), and Vince’s brother Johnny Drama spends most of his time praying that his scenes in little brother’s film don’t hit the cutting room floor…so that he finally can become A STAR in his own right…

So, what does the future all hold for the boys of ENTOURAGE???…

I give ENTOURAGE 3 out of 5 Stars: Having viewed the HBO Series for years, it was exciting seeing the boys of ENTOURAGE back together for another go round on the big screen. And, just as expected – there is enough T & A throughout the film to make all the young men watching this film ecstatic! I too, was excited to see Adrian Grenier and Jeremy Piven return to their respective roles, as I love both of them immensely playing Vince and Ari ~ ARI GOLD IS MY FAVORITE A-hole in the whole wide world! Plus, there seems to be more cameos from some of Hollywoods finest than I have ever seen before.  Guessing that everyone wanted to join in on the boys leap from the small to the BIG SCREEN… So, with all these accolades, I guess you are wondering why the 3 star rating?? First off, there seemed to be more outlandish material in the television series on HBO than what was showing up in this movie!!! Plus, for me, I was hoping that Writer and Director Doug Ellin would expand their roles for the BIG SCREEN~ making them all edgier, more outlandish, more exciting for their MOVIE DEBUT, but that didn’t happen either. I just think that an opportunity was missed to make the transition from small screen to the big screen so impactful, so intriguing, so memorable, that we all couldn’t wait to see what the boys of ENTOURAGE were going to do next ~ i.e. another BIG MOVIE, but instead we just got more of the same, which wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t what I was hoping for, as I was expecting SO MUCH MORE!!!

Kathy Kaiser


  1. ken darnell

    Entourage , the movie, gave everything expected especially the same verve the series gave. Did the critics expect these guys to wallow in political correctness? Entourage has always been the opposite of normal and was celebrated for it. So go make a movie and forget the reasons for the series popularity like the first Star Trek movie was so noted for. Entourage was always over the top. Thankfully!


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