ALOHA – Rated PG-13

ALOHA Movie Poster

Written and Directed by cinematic master Cameron Crowe – who brought us JERRY MAGUIRE, ALMOST FAMOUS and VANILLA SKY – and who now takes us deep into the mixed-up life of Air Force Contractor Brian Gilcrest (Bradley Cooper), who is presently working on the civilian side of things, with the notorious Billionaire and CEO of Global 1 Enterprises ~ Mr. Carson Welch (played by Bill Murray) with his new film – ALOHA.

When Gilcrest arrives in Hawaii to take care of a few unfinished matters, he is blindsided by the presence of his old flame Tracy Woodside (Rachel McAdams). And then to complicate things even further, he finds himself completely overwhelmed by his new “babysitter” during this particular mission, the vivacious and intriguing Capt. Allison Ng (Emma Stone).

It seems, as luck would have it, both Tracy and Allison are fascinated by the mysterious Gilcrest, and what his presence in their lives may lead to. But Tracy’s husband, John “Woody” Woodside (John Krasinski), has about had enough of Gilcrest disrupting his family, and their lives, and he wants him heading back to the mainland PRONTO!

Sadly, no matter how hard she tries to avoid it, it seems that Capt. Ng is falling for Gilcrest, which is against regulations! That is until she stumbles across a video by Tracy’s son Mitchell (Jaeden Leiberher), which might just shed some light on Gilcrest, and the real reason why he is on his mission in Hawaii…

I give ALOHA 2 out of 5 Stars: As much as it pains me to give this rating to a film filled with a cast of some of MY FAVS – I MUST!!! Not sure where Crowe was trying to go with this film ~ is it suppose to be a love story with an ancient Hawaiian dogmata storyline too? Or a new twist to the arms race? – Who knows – maybe it’s suppose to be all of this. All I know is it couldn’t get it’s stride, no matter how hard it tried, in any direction. And for all my girlfriends out there wondering…Yes, I was mesmerized by Cooper’s blue eyes and impeccable smile like always, but even that infatuation was short lived. The multiple storylines filled with insignificant dialogue continued to fall flat again, and again, and again, even for Cooper’s role. And I was taken back too, by the lack of chemistry between Cooper and Stone ~ I wasn’t feeling that relationship AT ALL, so I was thankful that McAdams and Cooper had at least a little flirtation taking place on screen, which did mange to save a scene or two. Even Murray playing a weasel – which he has played many times over the years, and usually nails – couldn’t save this film. And I think the biggest atrocity of it all for me, was the mere “dumbing down” affect that Crowe wrote for most of the AIR FORCE commanders in this film, as I have many a friend who I admire and respect in this particular division of the armed forces – so stop it already! I feel bad for Crowe and his latest creative endeavor, as this film doesn’t come close to some of his previous masterful filmmaking, even with all the star power he brought to the table – TOO BAD ;(

Kathy Kaiser

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