Well, the boys are back for more ridiculous HOT TUB mayhem as Lou (Ron Corddry), Nick (Craig Robinson) and Jacob (Clark Duke) find themselves having to rev up the TIME MACHINE YET AGAIN, to travel back in time to save one of them from peril.

Flash-forward, literally, as apparently we have gone the wrong way in time ~ DAMN HOT TUB!!! But, thank goodness, since they are all do arrive in the future ~everything must turn out all right…right? Well not so fast…as the future contains more fun than these three can get their fill of, with a majority of it being absolutely “politically and morally incorrect” at every turn…but what else would you expect to take place with these TIME TRAVELERS…. question is, will they be able to make their way back? Or do they even want to???

I give HOT TUB TIME MACHINE 2 an F: Even though the first installment was nothing to write home about, sadly the second time in the ol’ hot tub is even worse. I was so hoping that Corddry was going to tunnel some of his character from “What Happens in Vegas”, as I totally loved him in that film, but nah, that was nothing but wishful thinking. Robinson’s character was the only role giving me any glimmer of hope as the scenes continued to unfold, but nope, same old thing we’ve seen from him in all of his films too. Even Duke’s attempt to play the nerdy son of Corddry yet again didn’t work either, which is so surprising as his appearance alone should at least count for getting him half way there ~ he is a total nerd ~ but nope, that didn’t even help this time around either. And Cusack isn’t along for the ride this time either ~ maybe him saying thanks, but no thanks, should have been a clue ~ yet he still makes a cameo via a photograph, which is totally lame too!!! And believe me, I am not a prude by any means, but after sitting through almost two hours of a film filled with nothing but corny and over the edge inappropriate material on the male appendage ~ I found myself wanting to escape from the theater as fast as I could, trying to not focus on the fact that I would never get those lost hours I just spent back in my life ~ Just know that I definitely felt that the LAWS OF SPACE AND TIME for me, while watching this film, were definitely VIOLATED!!! Enough said…

Kathy Kaiser

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