50 shades of Grey

English Director Sam Taylor-Johnson brings to the big screen E.L. James novel of sex and seduction mixed with a little pain for good measure, with the much-anticipated film ~ 50 SHADES OF GREY.

As we meet the meek and mild mannered Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson), she is interviewing the young and gorgeous, and of course worth billions, Mr. Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan). Mesmerized by his incredible good looks and charm, Anna cannot get him out of her mind.

Apparently the feelings are mutual, as Christian makes sure that their paths cross again, and again. Confused by Christian’s advances and then quick exit, Anna isn’t really sure what this guy is all about. When Christian decides that even though he knows he isn’t what is best for Anna, but he must have her, he starts his seduction, hoping that she will be willing to fulfill his “every need”. Unsure of what Christians “needs” all entail, Anna still isn’t sure if Grey is the man for her.

Christian finally convinces Anna to test the waters, as his seduction and dominance over her begins. As Christian teaches Anna all she needs to know about what he is expecting with from their “little arrangement”, Anna starts to fall hard, but doesn’t she know that loving him is not an option…

Will Anna be able to bring herself to enter into Christian’s twisted world? Will Christian be able to persuade Anna that she is the only woman who can truly make him happy? Or will the romance that Anna wants and needs be something that Christian will never, ever be able to give her???

I give 50 SHADES OF GREY a C: Okay, so you know going in, if you have read any of the book, that in order to truly make this film remotely close to the novel, it would have to be rated X, and it’s not. But, with that said, Jamie Dornan is SUPER HOT, so you have to give snaps for that casting, and Dakota Johnson was a better actress than I was anticipating ~ Sorry Dakota ~ so I was pleasantly surprised there too, which is always a good thing. And I am not going to try to tell you that some of the seduction and sex scenes weren’t quite enjoyable to view either, but…that’s where the positives of this film STOP. It seemed that they were hoping that the sex scenes were going to be good enough to keep everyone’s attention, as the dialogue just seemed to be a sentence here, a sentence there, and without giving too much away, let’s just say that the end of the film left me rather Dazed and Confused, and that was soooo not the feeling I was hoping to get from THIS FILM. I was also amused by the laughter that erupted in the theater at the end of this film, as I am guessing I was not the only one asking…is that really it??? I am sure that many women were right there with me, hoping that this film would be a definite MUST SEE, and a MUST SEE NUMEROUS TIMES just for good measure, but now, I must sadly share after viewing, that once was more than enough, thank you, now lets get to some REALLY GOOD FILMS in the coming weeks, shall we…

Kathy Kaiser

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