PIZZA & BULLETS – Independent Film by Nick Murphy and Spoon Pictures Production


Writer & Director Nick Murphy has managed to bring to life the most enjoyable short-film I have been privy to see in a long time – combining the attributes of sweet & adorable PIZZA DELIVERY GUY with the nastiness of HIRED HIT-MAN – but it’s okay, cause it’s all in a days work – with his new film – PIZZA AND BULLETS.

As we meet the always cordial and loveable James (Played by Nick Murphy), he is riding his scooter around town delivering Pizza’s as fast as he possibly can.   Making his daily stop to check in with friend Nolan (played by Sean Rourke) we find that MR. PIZZA DELIVERY GUY, may not be as nice as we first thought…

Nolan orders James to take on his next hit, #143, but who’s counting, so James heads out to take care of his next menace to society, but he is making tracks because he needs to get home for “date night” with his girlfriend Elly (played by Terra Flowers), who has no idea about “HIS OTHER JOB”…

James finds himself in a place he didn’t anticipate, when the brother of his last hit kidnaps Elly and promises to kill her…

Can James manage to save the love of his life? And if he can save her, will he be able to explain the real line of work he’s in, which is what got her in this mess in the first place? And who else might have an inkling about James’s other line of work, putting Elly’s life in jeopardy?

I give PIZZA AND BULLETS a B:: As film shorts go, the concept of this film is hilarious, and Nick Murphy plays the part of James perfectly. You will find comfort in the warm and very funny spin Murphy puts on this film, reassuring you that a PIZZA DELIVERY GUY is the perfect alibi for being a hit man…come on.. no one ever thinks its him! Murphy also made the wise move of surrounding himself with superb actors, and fantastic cinematographers, making PIZZA AND BULLETS an absolute joy ride from beginning to end. I enjoyed viewing this short film more than I have enjoyed viewing many commercial, full-length features this last year too – Seriously! I truly feel that Murphy could take this short film and make it into a new show for the Fall lineup on one of the networks, as the quirkiness of the storyline and the superb acting throughout would keep me coming back for more each and every week!!! Or maybe Murphy should put James back on his very impressive blue scooter to make another film, as James is one character that can take out every bad guy in this world, and you would be right by his side, supporting him every step of the way…

Kathy Kaiser

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