Still ALice movie poster

Dr. Alice Howland (Julianne Moore) seems to have the world on a string, living out her dream life as a world-renowned linguistics professor, wife and mother of three.

When her husband, Dr. David Howland (Alec Baldwin) notices that she is beginning to get forgetful, everyone just brushes it off as a sign of “old age”, even though she is barely into her fifties.

Slight concern turns into full out panic for Alice when she gets disorientated while running on campus, she decides the time has come to seek professional help.

Blown away by the diagnosis of “Early on-set Alzheimer’s”, Alice’s world is turned up-side down, as she now must face the reality that her mind is slipping away little-by-little. And, more importantly, what will her family have to endure before this disease finally takes her. Even though daughter Anna (Kate Bosworth) and son Tom (Hunter Parrish) are there for their mother as much as possible, the weight of taking care of her falls upon younger daughter Lydia (played by Kristen Stewart). As everyone in the Howland family tries desperately to make the best of this unfortunate situation, Alice’s mind continues to deteriorate, despite the medications she is taking and the unwavering love she receives from her entire brood…

I give STILL ALICE a B+: Kudos to Directors Richard Glatzer & Wash Westmoreland who do a superb job of bringing you deep into the emotions, and sheer dismay, that Alice and her family must face throughout her ordeal. Moore’s talent shines through in each and every frame of her on screen, as she brings this incredible woman and her real-life struggles to life, Having earned a Golden Globe and a SAG so far this award season, I am sure that that her Oscar is just around the corner too!!! Baldwin also gives an amazing performance as her husband John, searching for ways to stay connected, but unable to face the harsh reality that is has been placed before him. I was also totally blown away by Kristen Stewart’s performance as she takes this role and makes it her own, finally proving that there is more to her than what has been captured on film before. I have never been impressed with anything she has done, until now! Kate Bosworth, Hunter Parrish and Shane McRae (who plays Bosworth’s husband in the film) round out a superb cast that makes this film as real as it gets.   My heart goes out to any family who is faced with the incredible debilitating disease of Alzheimer’s, as I can only imagine the pain and torture that it encompasses every day, as you helplessly watch your loved one just slipping away…

Kathy Kaiser

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