Black Sea Poster

Gone is the suave and debonair Dr. Watson persona we have come to love and enjoy – just in case you were wondering going in – as Jude Law brings a Real-man vibe playing the stoic and determined captain in his latest film – BLACK SEA.

After being a part of the sea for too many years to count, Robinson (Jude Law) is canned from his position at a shipping yard, and isn’t sure at all what his next move should be.

Lost and fumbling through life since his divorce, what is a man to do with no family in his life and now no profession or income? When Robinson is approached to take on an undercover illegal heist of a Russian sub buried in the Black Sea that is supposedly FULL OF GOLD – he jumps at the opportunity.

With a backer in place to fund the project thanks to the help of Daniels (Scoot McNairy), some seafaring comrades from the old days along for the ride, and some Russians too, Robinson is determined to make not only his life better, but the lives of every man on board his submarine…

Will Robinson and his crew find the vessel they are in quest of deep within the Black Sea? Will Robinson’s crew follow his orders, or will the thrill of the hunt and the bounty they are seeking cloud everyone’s mind with greed? And even if they find the sub, and it’s loot, can they retrieve it and make it back before it’s too late?

I give BLACK SEA a B+: MacDonald’s directing is superb, as you find yourself totally engrossed in each and every character in this film. Law’s performance is phenomenal, as he brings to the surface an incredibly intense, emotional, yet very much on the edge character that I haven’t seen from him before. I was also pleasantly surprised that his scruffy seaman persona came across so sexy too, as any woman would most definitely want to welcome him home. Scoot McNairy is also fantastic playing the one man on board you definitely don’t want to see make it back to the surface!! It’s very sad that this film is a January release, as Law’s work is so fabulous, I just hope it doesn’t get lost in limbo this time of year. Whether you love films about the sea, or action packed thrillers, or just want to see Law doing some of his best work EVER; BLACK SEA is a definite MUST SEE FILM for these reasons or absolutely no reason at all…

Kathy Kaiser

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