RED CARPET and Q & A with KEVIN COSTNER @ the advanced screening of BLACK or WHITE (Carol Daniel and Mark Reardon from KMOX too! )

He had me at BULL DURHAM…..and yes, I am one of his BIGGEST FANS 😉 So you can only imagine how exciting is was for me to see KEVIN COSTNER strolling the RED CARPET last night in St. Louis.   Costner was here promoting his new film – BLACK OR WHITE and taking the time to share his thoughts about this new film – where he plays a widowed grandfather raising a bi-racial granddaughter on his own – and fighting to keep her from her father’s family.

I can not share a lot about the movie till it releases January 30 here in St, Louis, but can I just say that his gracious demeanor in telling us why he made the film – and why her put up the cash himself to make it too – only added to the wonderful experience of watching this very moving film.

He even stayed to sit through a Q & A session after the film – lead by KMOX anchors Carol Daniel and Mark Reardon – THANK GUYS – that part of the evening was awesome too!!

Be sure to check back in for my upcoming review of the film on January 29, 2015.

It was a great evening, filled with great people – in this life, who can ask for anything more…..