Mr Peabody and Sherman

For all you fans of the 1960’s Mr. Peabody and Sherman shorts that you loved to watch with Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons growing up……rest assured your favorite genius canine and his adopted son aren’t to worse for the wear, as they come full speed into the 21st century.

High atop the city in their Penthouse apartment, Mr. Peabody (voiced by Ty Burell of Modern Family fame) and his son Sherman (voiced by child actor Max Charles) seem to be living the carefree life.  When Sherman gets bored – as most young boys do – Mr. Peabody whisks him away in the WABAC machine he created, to pass the time – sound familiarJ.

And just like the cartoon of yesteryear, Mr. Peabody and Sherman end up in some incredible historically significant places – enjoying cake with Marie Antoinette (voiced by Lauri Fraser), joining the Trojan Army Captain Agamemnon (voiced by Patrick Warburton) as they invade Troy,  even bumping into Leonardo DaVinci (voiced by Stanley Tucci) as he paints his masterpiece, the Mona Lisa (voiced by Lake Bell)  – there aren’t too many historical figures that Sherman hasn’t met over the years, all in preparation to head off to school.

Sherman isn’t enjoying school at all, as he is being belittled by fellow classmate Penny (voiced by Ariel Winter – of Modern Family fame too) for being the son of a dog.  When Mr. Peabody is summoned to school to deal with an unfortunate incident between Sherman and Penny, Mr. Peabody tries to befriend Penny and her parents (voiced by Leslie Mann & Stephen Cobert), in an attempt to ease everyone’s hesitation with Sherman’s parent being an animal – an animal that’s a genius for goodness sake!

Will Mr. Peabody and Sherman’s relationship be tested in more ways than one?  Will Penny and Sherman end up friends instead of foes?  And will Mr. Peabody be forced to save the world from destruction yet again?

I give Mr. Peabody and Sherman a B – As I loved to watch the original series growing up, I was waiting for the all-out annihilation of the premise of the original cartoon. Expecting this film to be slightly lame from seeing the trailer preceding the advanced screening, I was actually pleasantly surprised by the close proximity Director Rob Minkoff and screenwriter Craig Wright brought along from the original series – and of course once you add a little CGI animation to spice things up –what’s not to like.  The only difference in the story line that didn’t play out well for me, was the change from the Buddy premise between Mr. Peabody and Sherman in the original series, and it becoming a “real life drama” of Mr. Peabody facing life as a single parent, with all the trials and tribulations that this premise brings.

But just like in the original series, riddled throughout were the adult undertones and comedic dialogue, that we all must admit, we didn’t truly understand till we were watching reruns much later in life.  The theater was filled with laughter – The kids were laughing at the parts for written for them to understand and the adults were laughing at their parts too– but then who wouldn’t laugh out loud at Bill Clinton and his “bad boy ways”!  Suffice to say, to me it sounded like everyone was having a terrific time watching Mr. Peabody and Sherman.  My 14 year old daughter even thanked me for taking her to see it because she enjoyed so much –which I must add, made it an even more enjoyable movie for me…….

Kathy Kaiser