ST. VINCENT – Rated PG-13

St Vincent Poster

Writer & Director Theodore Melfi brings to life a story of “neighborly love” with his new film – ST. VINCENT.

As we meet the crass and abrasive Vincent (Bill Murray), he is withering away in this god awful dwelling – a not so nice duplex – with his lady of the night companion Daka (Naomi Watts).   Lucky for Vincent – or not – he gets new neighbors – the sweet though rather robust new divorce’ named Maggie (Melissa McCarthy) and her adorable son Oliver (Jaeden Lieberher).

Maggie is trying to make a life for her and her son, but the long hours she works to keep her son in Catholic school, have turned out to not be conducive with taking care of Oliver after school.   So what better way for Vincent to make some extra cash for the track, and for Maggie not to have to worry about Oliver roaming the streets, than for Vincent to play “baby sitter” for the young lad after school?

Vincent and Oliver become fast friends, as Vincent teaches Oliver how to stand up to the bullies at school, and so much more.  Oliver seems to be good for Vincent too, as he becomes his traveling companion all about town, including visiting this lovely lady at the nursing home named Sandy (Donna Mitchell) that as Oliver comes to find out, is really Vincent’s wife, even though she has no idea who he is.

Oliver is trying to make his way in school and in his new life without his Dad, when Brother Geraghty (Chris O’Dowd) gives them a new assignment to complete – Find a SAINT that is living in your life and share with everyone how they live their lives in a saintly manor…..and of course, who does Oliver choose but Vincent……VINCENT?  The same man that has taught him to gamble at the race track and hang out in bars?  Say what?……

I give ST. VINCENT an A+:  Bill Murray is at HIS FINEST – bringing a little of the man we love from such classics as STRIPES, CADDY SHACK and GROUND HOG DAY, and infusing this VINCENT character with a little more maturity and a lot more compassion than we are accustomed to seeing, but he still manages to play the exceptional jerk that we all know and love.  Melissa McCarthy is also fantastic in her role as the Mom trying to do what’s best for her son, and I am so glad that she chose a dramatic role this time around, as it was a really nice change of pace seeing her in a non-comedic role.  Chris O’Dowd is the perfect Brother/Teacher, and the young up-and-coming actor, Jaeden Lieberher, who plays Oliver, is absolute perfection too!  This film will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will touch every emotion you can muster, yet it was the best 102 Minutes I spent all week!  Make definite plans to see this family friendly film this weekend, as it willl pull on every heart string you have, yet make you happy that you took the time out of your hectic life to see such an incredibly entertaining and truly special film.

Kathy Kaiser