skeleton twins

Writer & Director Craig Johnson snags comedic geniuses Kristin Wiig & Bill Hader to play intensely dramatic roles as twins that have, as they say “lots and lots of issues” with his new film – THE SKELETON TWINS.

When we meet Milo (Bill Hader) he is absolutely at the end of his rope, and has decided to take himself from this world, to hopefully “A better place”.  At the same time his twin sister Maggie (Kristen Wiig) is contemplating ending it all too, as the pills are in her hand, now all we need is the water to wash them down!  Stopped from ending her own life by a phone call, informing her that her brother has just been admitted to the hospital from his suicide attempt, Maggie runs to rescue her brother from his own DEMONS, even though they haven’t spoken or seen one another in quite some time – Can you say dysfunction of epic proportions…..?

To keep an eye on Milo, and to hopefully help him get his life back-on-track, all while trying to avoid her own issues, Maggie invites him to come stay with her and her husband Lance(Luke Wilson).  Lance is one of those happy-go-lucky guys, which is the polar opposite of Maggie and Milo, but the type of person they need around to keep their own dark personalities in check – thank you Lance!

Milo decides to work with Lance, who spends his days outside cleaning up brush, which is totally not what Milo is accustomed to doing – which is being a struggling actor – but hopes that this new change in his life will be for the better.  As Maggie is still searching for what will make her life worth living, she decides to take scuba classes to prepare for her and Lance’s next vacation.  When the flirtatious instructor Billy (Boyd Holbrook) catches Maggie’s eye, maybe it is a good thing she is still taking her birth control, even though Lance thinks they are working on starting a family – NOT!

Milo decides to reach out to a “blast from the past”, instructor Rich (played by Ty Burrell), who is surprised to see Milo, especially after this many years and the circumstances that surrounded their previous relationship.  Rich initially shuns Milo, but then succumbs to seeing him and being with him as a way to appease Milo, or to maybe get his screenplay in front him, in hopes that Milo will show it to his agent in Hollywood….

Will Maggie and Milo ever be able to find peace and contentment in this crazy thing we call LIFE?  Will Milo’s world come crashing down around him yet again, as bad decision after bad decision continue to plaque his life and career choices?  And will Maggie ever be able to come clean with Lance about her numerous infidelities, even though she really does love Lance, just not herself?

I give THE SKELETON TWINS 5 out of 5 stars – Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader were exceptional together, as they brought depth to their twin relationship and the extremely flawed, yet totally believable characters they play throughout this film.  Both of these roles had a very dark, dramatic flavor, which was fantastic to see them both nail in their own uniquely quirky way!  This film also made for a very enjoyable afternoon of viewing, as the time seemed to fly by as you become entranced in their very sad and self-destructive lives.   It was also great to see Luke Wilson back on the big screen – and Ty Burrell playing a more serious role than what we have come accustomed to seeing him portray, was also a pleasure to behold.   So, if you are up for a drama that will make your own life seem like DISNEYLAND – and I promise, it will – then this weekend , go check out THE SKELETON TWINS at a theater near you!

Kathy Kaiser