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Patrick Hughes is put in the director’s chair for this go round, as he brings to the Big Screen the most action packed, star studded film I have seen in quite some time, with the next installment in the Expendables franchise – THE EXPENDABLES 3! 

As we meet many of the members of the elite Expendables team – Barney (Sylvester Stallone),Lee  Christmas (Jason Stratham),Gunnar Jenson ( Dolf Lundgren), and Toll Road (Randy Couture), they are attempting to snatch Doc (Wesley Snipes) from prison.  As the break is a success, the boys find themselves in search of their next big job.  When a blast from the past reappears – Co-founder and assumed dead past comrade Stonebanks (Mel Gibson), they are back in action trying to rid the world of this menace yet again.  When Drummer (Harrison Ford), gets wind that the boys didn’t apprehend Stonebanks, and that Stonebanks has seriously wounded Caesar (Terry Crews), he decides to give Barney one last chance to right this wrong.

Determined to finally bring Stonebanks to justice, but not at the loss of the rest of his team, Barney relieves the Ol’ men of their duties, as he enlists the assistance of Bonaparte (Kelsey Grammar), to aid him in securing a new, younger, more technologically advanced team.

When Drummer locates Stonebanks, Barney and his new crew head out to finish the job they started, when Drummer drops the bombshell that they must bring Stonebanks in alive to be tried for his war crimes – say what? 

When it seems as if Barney and his new high tech, fresh blood brigade aren’t quite making it happen, it looks like the old men of the group – including Trench (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and new, yet older recruit Galgo (Antonio Banderas), are going to have to get in there to assist, as the rest of the ol’ boys decide to get back in the swing of things too…..

Will Barney be able to rid this world of Stonebanks once and for all?  Will the new team of EXPENDABLES be able to step up to plate, making the old team obsolete?  Or will the old team prove that the team with a little more maturity, brains and braun be able finish the job each and every time!

I give THE EXPENDABLE 3 – 4 out of 5 stars – This action-packed thrill ride is definitely better than EX2….as the increasingly star studded cast really blew this one away.   I mean seriously, how can an action film go wrong when you put ROCKY, INDIANA JONES, BLADE, BRAVEHEART, THE TERMINATOR and HE-MAN together….you pretty well have every angle covered, and then when you add a little new blood to the film, to make sure that the franchise can keep going, and going, and going, you are definitely in for a film that will leave you on the edge of your seat.  Make no mistake about it; of all the films I have seen in the past week, THE EXPENDABLES 3 is my pick for MUST SEE THIS WEEKEND J

Kathy Kaiser

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