LAND HO – Rated R




LAND HO – Rated  R

Directors and Writers Aaron Katz and Martha Stevens take us on the late life journey of two brother-in-laws with their new film – LAND HO.

As we meet Mitch (Earl Lynn Nelson), he is trying to deal with the fact that he is getting older and hasn’t quite done everything on his bucket list.  Newly retired, he decides to reach out to his brother-in-law Colin (Paul Eenhoorn), who is struggling with being newly divorced from his second wife, as he finds himself very much in need of a little R & R.   Mitch decides to buy two tickets to a country that they have both talked about visiting, ICELAND.  When Paul makes a visit, Mitch springs on him his idea of getting away from it all, and without too much resistance from Paul; the two are off to sow a few more of their wild oats before it’s too late.

Mitch has a few ideas up his sleeve to make this trip even more enjoyable, including partaking of the wacky-tabaccy he seems to enjoy daily.  Mitch’s younger cousin, who just happens to be traveling in Iceland too, contacts him to come save them, as they have lost their luggage and are in need of transportation.  Of course,  what is a good relative to do, so the boys go pick them up, and end up using them as their excuse to frequent a few dance clubs that evening, so let the party begin!

When Paul has had about enough of Mitch’s shenanigans, he heads out to experience the beautiful countryside of ICELAND, flying solo, and loving every minute of it.   Mitch tries to patch things up; agreeing to focus on the two of them having a good time, without all the distractions that seem to follow Mitch everywhere he goes…..

Will Mitch and Paul have their last hurrah as planned, or will Mitch’s extra-curricular activities continue to get in the way?  Will Paul find himself again on this trip, or still pine over his lost love?  Or will Paul be the one to find a new “lady friend”, leaving Mitch high and dry to continue to look for his own someone special?

I give LAND HO – 1 out of 5 stars:  Going into this film, I was expecting to watch a film reminiscent of the Odd Couple or Grumpy old men, with two men trying to live out their dreams before it’s too late.  I definitely was not anticipating spending two hours watching two old man live out a storyline that was senseless,  cinematography that is poor – as you never really get to experience the beauty of Iceland- combined with subpar acting from Eenhoorn and Nelson . LAND HO turned out to be a catastrophe of epic proportions.   Say after me – Bad, Bad, Bad……and that is all I have to say about that…….

Kathy Kaiser  

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