THE DRIVE – SHORT FILM – by Alvaro Aro and Brian Cooksey




Directed by Alvaro Aro, Produced by Lori Ann Potts and written by local screenplay writer Brian Cooksey – THE DRIVE is a short film – with big impact – as it takes you on a journey you will never forget.

Dan (Dennis Saldana) has decided to take a ride with his little girl (played by Abigail Bausworth), as he promises to take her anywhere she wants.   They stop to grab some ice cream – one of her favorite things – as they converse about some of her other favorite things along the way – soccer, the jungle gym at her old school, and an important message that her mom wanted her to share with her daddy too…

When Dan arrives home, he is overwhelmed with emotion, trying to overcome the incredible loss that consumes  his every waking moment……Was the car ride with his beautiful little girl real, or just a figment of his imagination? 

I give the drive a B+ – THE DRIVE touched me in seven minutes in ways that many movies don’t affect me in two hours.  Aro brings Cooksey’s writing to life with subject matter that will tug at the heart-strings of anyone viewing this film – and if you happen to be married or have been blessed with life’s greatest gift – children – be prepared with your Kleenex box.  Lead Actor Dennis Saldana also deserves a big shout out, as his performance was definitely memorable even with such a short time on screen.  Winner of this year’s ST. LOUIS JEWISH FILM FESTIVAL, and being showcased at the  St. Louis Film Makers Showcase last week at the Tivoli, I can only assume that this is just the beginning for this memorable and touching short film.

Kathy Kaiser



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