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Jake Karsdan – the man who brought us Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Bad Teacher, and one of my favorite sitcoms of late – NEW GIRL – brings us the much anticipated summer moviewith the name not leaving much to the imagination – SEX TAPE.

Annie (Cameron Diaz) and Jay (Jason Segel) have been star-crossed lovers since College – okay, let’s cut to the chase – they have been F**k bunnies for as long as they can remember and are now facing the realization that they have been married for 10 years, have two children, and sleep seems to be much more important in the scheme of things, then having sex.

Annie decides that the time has come to “work on the relationship”, so she sends the kids off to grandma and grandpa’s and decides to surprise Jay with the house all to themselves and lovin’ on her mind.

Jay comes home excited at what he finds when he comes through the door – HOT MAMA and no kids in sight, when both Jay and Annie find that getting the spark back, isn’t as easy as they had anticipated.  Annie decides that maybe to spice things up, why not grab one of Jay’s many ipad’s he is constantly using for work, and suggests they make a SEX TAPE.  To spice things up even further, Jay suggests that they try to perform every position in their JOY OF SEX book, as the two have at it!

Exhausted from their three hour romp in the hay, they fall asleep as Annie reminds Jay that he needs to erase the video pronto in the morning, as they don’t want the kids to see it, or anyone else for that matter.

As our lovebirds awake and Jay decides to do some work, he manages to transfer their video onto every ipad he has ever used – SAY WHAT???  As Annie begins to freak out at the thought of who may be viewing their “love making”, Jay is trying to figure out how it downloaded itself, and now, how are they going to get it off all these computers back…..

Will Jay and Annie retrieve all the ipads carrying “their film”?  Will Annie literally kill Jay for not erasing the film, and their friends Tess (Ellie Kemper) and Robby (Rob Corddry) too for viewing it?  And does Tess and Robby’s son Howard (Harrison Holzer) have a game up his sleeve regarding this video too?

I give SEX TAPE a B- :  Going in, you know the premise of the movie, so no surprise there, but I must say, I laughed a lot harder than I was anticipating all throughout the film, and I was pleasantly surprised when not all the funny parts were put into the trailer.  I was also excited by Annie’s potential new boss Hank, played by Rob Lowe, as I love seeing him in anything.  I was also excited to see the website Porn King himself being played by Jack Black, as I love him too!! But, I must also share that I was disappointed at the amount of time spent trying to get the video back, as opposed to making it.  As the Toby Keith song goes…..I was hoping for “a little less talk and a lot more action” as they say, but as a whole, I found Diaz and Segel as enjoyable together as ever, and even though I didn’t enjoy Diaz as much in this film as I did in her role in THE OTHER WOMAN earlier this year, she came out to prove that she can play any role – even sex-starved mother of two – and do it with flare – which she did!

Kathy Kaiser

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