As a movie critic, having the opportunity to interview actors is incredible, and what makes it even more special is when you have the opportunity to meet two individuals who are so multi-talented, yet so generous, kind and unbelievably humble – Terrance J and Regina Hall blew me away with their sincerity and generosity during our time together – including bringing us lunch to enjoy from St. Louis’s own Sweetie Pies – how awesome was that! So get ready, because what you are about to find out about these two just might surprise you:

Q:  We all absolutely loved the film last night……lots of hooting and hollering going on which was awesome – Did you stay for the screening of the film after the Red Carpet Event?

Regina:  I didn’t stay for much – I don’t like to watch my films.  I have been present when you don’t get a good reaction from an audience and it’s crushing to say the least, so I don’t really like to stay for long.

Terrace: I stayed through about ½ of the film.  I wanted to see the people’s reaction, but I don’t really enjoy watching myself that much either.


Q:  One of your fellow lead actors, Jennifer Lawrence is from St. Louis, what was it like playing opposite her?

Terrance:  It was awesome.  She plays my mom and Regina’s arch enemy in the film.  She is one of the veteran actresses on our cast, and she is a team leader.  We learned a lot from her and she is hilarious on this film. She has played everyone’s mother in so many films……from Angela Bassett, to Will Smith, To Tupac Shakur, so in between takes she would tell us these amazing stories about like what is was like with Tupac on his first film, or what Will Smith was like filming with at age 22….just an incredible perspective to learn from and a really strong woman – that is Jennifer Lawrence.

Regina:  I am sorry, she threw me off over there – I looked and I saw a spoon and too much of a smile on her face and I thought – I want some of what’s he is having if it’s banana pudding, but then maybe I thought it might be mac and cheese…….

Terrance:  Regina, come on, we are in the middle of an interview…..

Regina:  its okay, they all understand, there is food involved (as all of us interviewing agreed).  I used to go spend summers with my grandmother in Georgia and there is no food on this earth as good as Southern food.  I mean like, you can get food in LA, but it won’t be as good as my grandmothers peach cobbler, no way!


Q:  What was it like getting back together to film this sequel?

Terrance:  It was like coming home from a summer break and going back to your senior year in high school.  It just felt so good to be back with the cast.  Everyone has been doing so well – From the first movie to this one, Kevin Hart turned into one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, and Regina has been working non-stop doing three or four films, Gabrielle Union’s been busy, and Jerry Ferrara is working on the Entourage movie, and I’ve been busy at E! News.  It was just such a joyous occasion and we were in one of the funest cities in America – LAS VEGAS!

Regina:  I turned down you all.  We had fun, but I couldn’t party with em all, I have a dog and my dog was like, “where are you going past 9 o’clock!”


Q:  You shared about the stories that Jennifer Lawrence shared.  What were the stories that you would like to share about shooting TLAM 2?

Regina:  The most amazing thing filming was, even though we were in Vegas, we were shooting everything once it closed down.  You are getting hair and makeup at like 1:30 start shooting. You’re shooting at a strip club and your thinking, well when do they close – those women work hard – so like we are filming at 5 a.m. and you have just these windows of time that you can film and get everything done.  It’s like being in a strip club with nobody there – it’s just kind of weird experiencing the night life, while there actually isn’t any.

Terrance:  Parts of seeing the city like that was really sad……


Q:  Do you mind sharing what your favorite scene to shoot in the film was?

Regina:  My favorite scene to shoot was my scene with Jennifer Lawrence and Terrance.  You read the lines and it doesn’t translate to what is about to happen.  Terrance brought such real raw emotion to the scene between him and me and his mother (played by Jennifer), that I felt vindicated as my character at the end of that part of filming.  Jennifer caught me off guard too, as she was meaner in the moment than I thought she would be.

Terrance:  My favorite part of the filming wasn’t even a part with me or the guys in it.  The girls all do this dance to the song POISON – the whole scene was incredible!

Regina:  When you look at the script, it says the girls all get together and sing POISON, so I am like, what?  So you have to go record your part so they can play it over what is happening so you can hear us singing our parts, and so I’m like, okay – get me a vocal coach!

Terrance:  It’s really funny how this all plays out – in the script it says the fellas are at the pool and the girls are on stage singing POISON – you don’t even really think about it, it’s just words on a page – so it turns into a competition between the boys and the girls after this scene – and the girls end up shooting these little videos in the film to that song – they come out to tell us “we just shot the greatest scene singing POISON”, and were like yah, right – “we just shot a fantastic scene in the strip club – we got this”  and then once you see that scene, you are like, damn – the girls killed the guys in this movie, hands down  – they murdered us!


Q: In the last film, the guys and the girls didn’t really get together.  Was it better shooting this film with all the interaction going on?

Regina:  Spending that much time with the other girls, we all just became really became good friends.  Wendy was so funny, she and her rolling arches, and it was just go great, we could just sit back and eat and look a hot mess, and it didn’t matter, because the guys were not around, until they were.


Q:  What Character in the film could you relate to the most in your own lives?

Terrance:  You know what I love about the five male characters in this film?  I have been at different stages in my life.  Any young man, like I’m 32 now, has been through stages where they think they are aplayer, and I’ve dated girls that thought they wanted a baby, and I was apprehensive and wasn’t ready yet.  I’ve been through that thing where you’ve been offered a job, like when I got offered the job in LA and my girlfriend was living in New York and you have to figure that out, and even dealing with my mom in situations where she was a little more aggressive than I would have liked with someone I was dating.  I can relate to all five characters in this film, and that is what I think is so relatable and special about this film.  When you are sitting there watching, there is someone you know, some relatable character that you are watching and saying to yourself, I know that person!  I think that is what makes these movies so special, you can look at the screen and see yourself or someone you know and it’s so realistic.


Regina:  I loved my character, from a personal viewpoint.  Like I mean, Regina loved the character of Michael (Terrance’s role).  There’s a part of me that resonated loving a man like Terrance’s character, and I actually love that he loves my child so much in the movie too.


Q: What do you hope that the audience take away from Think like a Man TOO or what stays and resonates with the viewer?

Regina:  At the heart of this movie it’s the relationships throughout – not just between male and female, but it’s the relationships between friends, and how special those bonds are. And especially, there is such a diverse cast that makes this film extra special. I love that this movie looks like life!

Terrance:  She couldn’t have said it better.  Sometimes, with movies, they contrive these friendships with like, here is the token black friend with white people or here is the token white person that we are putting into this film.  This movie’s not like that – it’s like real life – because in real life, black people and white people ARE FRIENDS! 

Regina:  You see in this film, even though you are surprised by some of Michael’s friends, you understand why they are friends and why they came together, like his friend Jerry. 

Terrance: I don’t even remember that Jerry’s not black!


Q:  This is your first major role as the lead, so how was it transitioning into this role?

Terrance:  Do we look like the leads in this film?  

Regina:  We have been getting that a little bit in the press, but we weren’t feeling like this was for real…..

Terrance:  Like in the HANGOVER movies, the people getting married are the catalysts for the film but Bradley Cooper and those guys are the leads.  I just feel so incredibly blessed to be able to work with Regina, she is an incredible actress, and we all had so much fun working together.  I don’t really feel like we were the lead characters.

ALL OF THE CRITICS IN THE INTERVIEW BEGGED TO DIFFER – they are so the leads in this film – but we asked them not to burst Kevin Hart’s Bubble either, because WE LOVE HIM TOO!

Make sure to see THINK LIKE A MAN TOO!  Hitting theaters Friday June 20th – YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT!









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