MALEFICENT – Rated PG – May Contain Spoilers

Disney’s new take on their 1959 animated masterpiece Sleeping Beauty, MALEFICENT tells the story of the peaceful and loving fairy MALEFICENT (Angelina Jolie), who is forced to protect her enchanted forest from its neighboring Kingdom and who is betrayed by her one true love too – which just really pisses her off and turns her into the mean and sinister MALEFICENT we know and love!!

As we meet the young Maleficent (played by Isobelle Molloy), we find her to be the strongest and dearest of the fairies in the Forest Kingdom.  Scared of the mean and nasty humans who inhabit the next land, she seeks to protect her kingdom from invasion of this species.

When a small boy named Stefan (Michael Higgins) makes his way into the enchanted forest, Maleficent must stop him from stealing anything precious from her land.   Maleficent is taken back by the small gesture Stephan makes, throwing his ring of iron away into a field when he realizes that iron burns Maleficent’s skin.  Stephan frequently returns to enjoy Maleficent’s company, and the two become more than just friends.  Stephan vows his true love to Maleficent, and promises to return from his homeland, and the castle in which he belongs.

Years pass, as Maleficent waits for Stefan (now played by Sharlto Copley) to return to her.  War ensues between Maleficent and her woodland creatures and the King and his knights from the neighboring land.  As luck would have it, Maleficent saves her home from destruction, as the King and his knight’s return home, having lost the battle.

Stefan finally returns to Maleficent shortly thereafter, with a warning.  The King has declared that his men slay her, and the knight that does, will take his place on the throne.  Stefan wants nothing more than to be King, so he betrays and injures Maleficent, which severs her love for him FOREVER!!!

More years pass, and Stefan, now King, is married and has been blessed with a beautiful young daughter named Aurora (Vivian Jolie-Pitt/Elle Fanning).  When the beautiful fairy princesses come to bestow their gifts on the child, so does MALEFICENT, as she is still in anguish over Stefan’s betrayal of her and their love.

Just as you remember, MALEFICENT puts the wicked “prick your finger on a spindle” spell on Aurora, and the only way to break the spell, is through a TRUE LOVE’s KISS!

As the fairies rush off with the baby in tow, trying to save her from ever coming in contact with a spindle, MALEFICENT is still there, watching and waiting for her chance to see the end of this fair maiden.

Will MALEFICENT remain the mean and wicked Fairy everyone has known her to become?  Will Aurora’s view of MALEFICENT be not that of a monster, but of her FAIRY GODMOTHER, as she knows that she has been with her since she was a small child? Will Prince Phillip (Brenton Twalthes) arrive to save Aurora from MALEFICENT’s spell? Or will there be more DISNEY MOVIE MAGIC in store, possibly changing the ending to this classic fairy tale yet again????

I give MALEFICENT a C – Angelina Jolie is breathtakingly beautiful, and so is young Aurora, who is played by her own real-life daughter Vivian, but the twists and turns of the classic tale, along with the profusely bad acting by many of the actors throughout, made the movie drag on, and on, and on.  With all the hype and hullabaloo given this film since last year, I was hoping for so much more!  Elle Fanning’s portrayal of Aurora was mediocre too – which takes MALEFICENT to mediocre status – I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it – the whole thing was just average for me all the way around.  Sorry Disney, but I was hoping this was going to be the SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER OF 2014 – but, sadly, it didn’t even come close ;(

Kathy Kaiser 

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