BLEED FOR THIS – Rated R – 1hr 56 min

Starring Miles Teller, Aaron Eckhart and Katey Sagal

Vinny Pazienza, played by Miles Teller, is a boxer at the top of his prime. He has everything he would ever want until disaster strikes,  when he is involved in a serious accident that brings his boxing career to a screeching halt.  When Vinny is told he’ll never box again, that’s not good enough for him.  Vinny’s perseverance and true drive, for the love of his sport, is put to the test.

I give this film a MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN. Being a Miles Teller and sports fan, I had high hopes for this film. Miles and the cast made this film live up to all my expectations. With great cinematography and a good crew, you are brought along on this story of true perseverance. If you are a fan of sports or true stories this is definitely a movie for you.

Jordan Haar

Check out the Trailer for BLEED FOR THIS – Opens Nation Wide NOVEMBER 18, 2016


BLEED FOR THIS is the incredible true story of one of the most inspiring and unlikely comebacks in sports history.

Miles Teller (Whiplash, Divergent) stars as Vinny “The Pazmanian Devil” Pazienza, a local Providence boxer who shot to stardom after winning two world title fights. After a near-fatal car accident leaves Vinny with a severed spine, he is told he may never walk again. Against all odds and doctor’s orders, renowned trainer Kevin Rooney (Aaron Eckhart) agrees to help Vinny return to the ring just a year after the accident for what could be the last fight of his life.



PRODUCERS: Bruce Cohen, Emma Tillinger Koskoff, Chad A. Verdi, Noah Kraft, Ben Younger, Pamela Thur

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Martin Scorsese, Joshua Sason, Michelle Verdi, Myles Nestel, Lisa Wilson



“Terrorism is just an excuse”

SNOWDEN – Rated R – 2 hrs. 14 mins. – MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS

Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Shailene Woodley, Tom Wilkinson, Zachary Quinto, Scott Eastwood and Nicholas Cage

As we meet super-intelligent computer operations professional Edward Joseph Snowden (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), he has just taken a job with the CIA working on NSA programming.

Intrigued by the ins and outs of the programs and software being installed to track terrorists since the 9/11 attack on our country, Snowden feels that this new position will help him to fulfill his lifelong plan of serving our country, since being forced to leave the Army for health reasons.

Engrossed in his work, and this adorable new friend he’s met named Lindsay (Shailene Woodley), it seems that all is finally right in his world.

That is, until Snowden finds that the type of surveillance they are now performing, isn’t just on the BAD GUYS anymore, but on the AVERAGE JOE, who might just be reaching out to his neighbor next door.

As one position after another leads Snowden deeper down the path of espionage against his fellow man, he can’t help but shake his discontentment with what feels like a violation of everyone’s 4th amendment rights…

When the latest program Snowden is asked to develop for the NSA takes mass surveillance totally over the line, he decides that he must stop this continuous invasion of privacy by disclosing the existence of said programs, and the information they possess, by leaking it to the press.

Labeled a spy and a traitor to our country, as espionage charges are brought up against him via our federal government, Snowden is left with no choice than to seek asylum in a foreign country to save his own skin. When Russia steps forward to lend him a helping hand, Snowden has to head across the big pond and seek refuge in this foreign land, if he wants to save his own skin…

I give SNOWDEN a rating between MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN and WAIT AND CATCH THIS ONE ON DVD. Gordon-Levitt’s portrayal of Snowden is dead on, which you can confirm personally at the end of this film. I was also very intrigued to view that the liberal Oliver Stone, who once again finds himself in the Directors chair, made a point to bring a little conservatism to this true life storyline, staying true to Snowden’s ideals and reasoning behind what he thought he needed to do to save his fellow man, and their 4th amendment rights. Stone even goes as far as dogging our present administration for the inappropriate surveillance they instructed to be upheld, until Snowden blew the whistle on them all. So why the in between rating you ask? Because parts of this film move at a snail’s pace, usually when we switch gears from the intrigue and suspense, and focus on the dysfunctional relationship between Snowden and his girlfriend. I wish they would have removed a lot of that sidebar storyline, and focused more on the actual problem at hand. I also wish that they would have gone into more detail about Snowden’s disclosure to the press ~ as it’s in there ~ but it seems like that part of the storyline is just an afterthought too, when in actuality, it should have been a major focus for this film.

Kathy Kaiser

MOTHER’S DAY – Rated PG-13

Starring Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, and Jason Sudeikis

Garry Marshall manages to pull together another ALL STAR CAST to take on his latest formulation in HOLIDAY FILMS, and of course drags along a couple of old familiar faces from his previous films too…and this time, we take on Mama’s BIG DAY with a little a humor, a little grief, and a whole lot of REAL LIFE for good measure…this is MOTHER’S DAY…

Happily married to someone neither of her parents approve of, or know of for that matter… we meet Jesse (Kate Hudson), living life with her sister Gabi (Sarah Chalke), and with both of their families in tow…

Across town we meet divorce’ Sandy (Jennifer Aniston) and her very friendly Ex Henry (Timothy Olyphant) who are managing the many pitfalls of divorced life quite nicely with their two sons…that is, until one of them decides to get re-hitched…

Enter SUPER DAD Brad (Jason Sudeikis), as he tries to help his two daughters through the pitfalls of THIS HOLIDAY, having lost their mom just a year ago…

And what’s a Mother’s Day/Garry Marshall film, without a New Mom storyline and his muse Julia Roberts in tow too ~ playing Miranda ~ a spokesperson for jewelry on our favorite shopping network, HSN…

As these “Mother’s” all try to deal with their everyday lives, and everything in between, it seems that MOTHER’S DAY isn’t really ALL IT’S CRACKED UP TO BE..If you know what I mean…

I give MOTHER’s DAY a rating between: MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN and WAIT AND CATCH IT ON DVD ~ If you love Marshall’s films – from 87’s OVERBOARD, to 90’s PRETTY WOMAN, to 1999’s RUNAWAY BRIDE. Which all hit theaters way before he started celebrating holiday’s on the BIG SCREEN with 2010’s VALENTINE’s DAY ~ then you have to grab your mother, your grandmother and your daughter’s too, and head for a GIRL’s MOVIE DAY at a theater near you. Rest assured, MOTHER’s DAY comes with the same funniness and heartache that we have come to know Marshall for, making you enjoy the storylines produced by writers Tom Hines, Lilly Hollander, Anya Kochoff and Matthew Walker even more. But if Marshall’s mix of drama and bliss just isn’t your cup of tea, then wait and grab this new family flick, when it comes out on DVD.

Kathy Kaiser

Academy Award Winner for BEST PICTURE ~ SPOTLIGHT expands to more theaters this weekend!!



SPOTLIGHT: Best Picture Winner! Expanding into More Theaters This Weekend

With Courage Comes Change.

 SPOTLIGHT, the Academy Award winner for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay, will be expanding into additional theaters this weekend!  Check out the new poster below and head to the movies to see this award-winning film.  

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Starring Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, Liev Schrieber, Brian D’Arcy James and Stanley Tucci, SPOTLIGHT tells the riveting true story of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Boston Globe investigation that would rock the city and cause a crisis in one of the world’s oldest and most trusted institutions. When the newspaper’s tenacious “Spotlight” team of reporters delve into allegations of abuse in the Catholic Church, their year-long investigation uncovers a decades-long cover-up at the highest levels of Boston’s religious, legal, and government establishment, touching off a wave of revelations around the world. Directed by Academy Award-winner Thomas McCarthy, SPOTLIGHT is a tense investigative thriller, tracing the steps to one of the biggest crime stories in modern times.

CAST: Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Liev Schreiber, John Slattery, Stanley Tucci, Brian d’Arcy James, Billy Crudup  

DIRECTOR: Tom McCarthy  

WRITERS: Josh Singer and Tom McCarthy 

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Jeff Skoll, Jonathan King, Pierre Omidyar, Michael Bederman, Bard Dorros, Tom Ortenberg, Peter Lawson, Xavier Marchand

PRODUCERS: Michael Sugar, Steve Golin, Nicole Rocklin, Blye Pagon Faust

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