DON’T WORRY DARLING – Rated R – 2 hrs 2 mins

“What is the enemy of progress…?”

DIRECTED BY:  Olivia Wilde

WRITTEN BY:  Katie Silberman, Carey Van Dyke, Shane Van Dyke

STARRING:  Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Chis Pine, Olivia Wilde, Kiki Layne, Gemma Chan, Nick Kroll, Asif Ali, Sydney Chandler, Kate Berlant and Douglas Smith

If the nostalgia of the 50’s makes you swoon, then you are in a for a real treat as Oliva Wilde’s directorial prowess forges full force into this latest creation…as we visit the ever so perfect community of Victory, and it’s picture perfect couple comprised of the extremely beautiful Alice Chambers (Florence Pugh) and her super sexy hubby, Jack Chambers (Harry Styles), as the frolic through life, without a care in the world… 

Nestled in the utopian world they have chosen to live, alongside their ever so happy neighbors in every direction too, Alice finds herself more than content to take care of her husband’s every whim, whether it be feeding him his breakfast before he walks out the door to work, or being all hot and bothered upon his arrival back home, each and every day… 

Enter the mastermind behind this fabulous community in which everyone is thriving, Frank (Chris Pine), and his beautiful wife Shelley (Gamma Chan), as they throw the party of the century for all their closest allies to this way of life, as Jack, Dean (Nick Kroll) and the rest of the boys continue their male-bonding quest, while their wives lovingly stand by their sides…

When wife Margaret (Kiki Layne) starts acting rather strange and irratic to it seems, Alice is torn on if she should help her friend Margaret or not, especially when Margaret shares with her that Victory may not be the place it appears to be…

And when Alice starts to have visions of her own, and starts to question Jack on what is really happening at work, and with their neighbor Margaret too…it seems that Jack and the boys of this quaint little Village will stop at nothing to keep their wives calm, cool and collected, as to not mess with the perfect lives they have all created…

I give DON’T WORRY DARLING a rating of 4 out of 5 Stars:  If the nostalgia and music that flows through almost every inch of this film doesn’t draw you in from the start,  then the exceptional imagery, and unexpected twists & turns of this little psychological thriller will.  Florence Pugh gives an exceptional performance as Alice.  I mean, she is so good this time around that there should be some nods coming her way, once award season finally arrives.   I was also very intrigued by the concept of this film, as it fills your head with the images and sterotypes of yesteryear, while sensationalizing the elements that almost all women struggle with in this day and age  – ranging from career choices, doing what is best for our families, and how to keep our men both happy, and satisified.  I think writers Katie Silberman and Carey and Shane Van Dyke have found a way to strike a chord with the female population as a whole with this one, as it reveals the pain and anquish that women must face on a daily basis, as they try to be the best they can be for everyone else in their lives, except for themselves.  These concepts are woven into this film like clockwork, resulting in a film that really isn’t giving too many shout out’s to the men in our lives, as it focuses on the most formulated negative sterotypes of how men normally react, and respond instead.  I also was suprised by Chris Pine’s performance in this film, as he ventures into an area we don’t usually see him sign up for…playing the dirt bag!  And I was also pleasantly surprised by Harry Styles performance in the later part of this film too, as without giving too much away, his “last act” in this film proves he really has an acting career ahead of him, and in more aupacious leading man roles along the way too, if he wants them.  DON’T WORRY DARLING masterfully meshes the standout elements of “The Twilight Zone” and “The Stepford Wives” into a film that will make you pause, and question the realities of life, and relationships, for many moons to come…

Kathy Kaiser

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