SOUL – Rated PG – 1 hr. 40 mins.

“Another fabulous film by Disney and PIXAR has finally arrived, and it will touch your SOUL too, if you give it the opportunity!”  Matinee Chat with Kathy Kaiser

SOUL – Rated PG – 1 hr. 40 mins.

DIRECTORS/WRITERS:  Pete Doctor and Kemp Powers

WRITER:  Mike Jones

STARRING the voices of Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey, June Squibb, Daveed Diggs, Margo Hall, Angela Bassett, Phylicia Rashad, Graham Norton, Alice Brega and Rachel House

Disney and Pixar, under the Writing and Direction of Academy Award winning Director of Monsters Inc, Inside Out and UP, Pete Doctor, have ventured where few films have gone before – Into the Afterworld – With their latest creation, and Christmas Day release on Disney + of SOUL. 

SOUL takes us into the life of Joe (Jamie Foxx), a middle school Band teacher, trying to come to terms with what he feels has been his rather dismal existence thus far.  Seeking to find his fame and fortune – where his passion lies in the world of Jazz – it seems that Joe’s “big break” has finally arrived, and not a moment too soon.  But, as life has a way of changing in an instant, Joe now finds himself struggling to avoid entry into the afterlife, as he befriends #22 in the afterlife too, attempting to return to earth where he belongs, as he attempts to help her find her passion in here on earth too…as they both come to terms with what it truly means to find your SOUL! 

Beautifully meaningful from beginning to end, Pete Doctor and his team at PIXAR have crafted another exceptional animated film, that will make us all take a minute, sit back, and reevaluate what our lives are truly all about.  With a deep sense of the spiritual world enveloped too long the way, SOUL manages to not only play on the word, and the world of Jazz to get it’s point across, but this storyline also transcends the true “meaning of life” in a pure, yet rather unconventional way.  Foxx is superb as Joe, the middle school band teacher who touched so many lives along the way, all without acknowledging how much good he truly did do, sharing his gifts with his students, remaining focused to the very end, on how important it was to become rich and famous in the Jazz scene.  Tina Fey is perfectly cast too as the soul without a cause, content on staying in the afterlife, without truly learning what it means to live. 

And even though this latest creation by Disney and PIXAR is focused more on the 10 and over crowd by its more mature storyline, I still think that your entire family will enjoy catching this film at some point TODAY on Disney + Streaming, once all the packages are opened, and the tummies are full, as you embark on one of my own families favorite “Christmas Traditions”, watching a film either at home, or at a local theater, and regardless of how we view it, making sure that we do it most importantly, together!

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