THE WAY I SEE IT – Rated PG-13 – 1 hr. 40 mins.

THE WAY I SEE IT – Rated PG-13 – 1 hr. 40 mins.


PRODUCERS:  Justin Barocas, Summer Damon, Laura Dern, Evan Hayes, Chris Hyacinthe, Jayme Lemons, Ayesha Rokasia

STARRING:  Pete Souza, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Samantha Power, Ben Rhodes, Alice Gabiner, Ferial Govashiri,

Anyone who follows me, and my reviews at or on AM590 THE FAN, knows how much I love the art of film making,  You also have an inkling of how much I enjoy photography and how capturing images is a passion of mine as well. Plus you know that I’m a total Documentary/Biography junkie, so imagine how excited I was to view this particular film, focusing on Chief Official Presidential Photo Journalist Pete Souza, as he shares his life’s work of covering both the Reagan and Obama presidencies for 8 years, respectfully  Fascinating beyond belief, THE WAY I SEE IT touches at the heart of not only our Democracy, but at the heart of the Patriot that resides in each of us, as you experience the esteemed stature and grace through which both of these distinguished gentleman held their office. It’s also very moving how this film shares not only Pete’s love for our Country, and the position he held throughout each Presidency he covered, but it also conveys the love that both President Reagan and President Obama held for our country, their families, and the burdens and the sacrifices that they each had to endure during their tenures as President of the United States of America,

Also having the opportunity to see and hear Pete sharing his own story throughout this captivating film, was fabulous as well. as getting to see a man of very little words, being forced to channel his passion for our Country, and the truth, as he is compelled to share his own images to combat our present Commander in Chief’s vial and sometimes very distasteful remarks against Obama, thus proving the harsh contrast to President Donald J. Trump’s present “State of Affairs”…

I give THE WAY I SEE IT 5 Stars! This Documentary is one of the most fabulous produced this year, and being able to immerse myself in the incredible imagery displayed throughout was a complete joy.  Director and Producer Dawn Porter did a fabulous job of sharing Pete’s life, and his passion for sharing “the truth” about the Obama presidency, and having the images to back up his viewpoint right in the palm of his hands.  I was also happy to see that the Producers this time around also saw fit to not focus on “Total Trump bashing” throughout this film, as it would have definitely taken away from the task at hand.  But with that said, they could have totally ventured down that path, and with good reason, but instead deciding to “take the high road”, which for me, was very refreshing to see too.  It is truly moving to be able to enjoy the fruits of Pete’s labor throughout this film, and eventually venturing down his road to becoming an Activist for truth, justice and the American way of life, which he no longer feels is occupying the White House.  Candid, vibrant, and Patriotic to its core, THE WAY I SEE IT will compel you too, to stand for your convictions in this life, and to make your thoughts known, especially now, with casting your VOTE within the next few weeks to bring stability, reverence and “conviction of character” once more to the White House…

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