LOVE WEDDING REPEAT – Rated TV-MA – 1 hour 40 mins.

Love Wedding Repeat Poster

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LOVE WEDDING REPEAT – Rated TV-MA – 1 hour 40 mins.


WRITERS:  Based on the motion picture “Plan de table” by Francis Nief and Christelle Raynal

STARRING:  Sam Claflin, Olivia Munn, Frieda Pinto, Eleanor Tomlinson, Joel Fry, Jack Farthing, Tim Key and Allan Mustafa

Do you believe in the “chances of life”?  Do you believe that once slight maneuver in the sequence of events can change your love life forever?  This is the premise behind the new Netflix Original film LOVE WEDDING REPEAT, as we meet Jack (Sam Claflin) about to walk his sister down the isle of her “perfect” wedding in Italy, even though he will have figure out a way for his sister to avoid an uninvited quest with a diabolical secret, and angry ex-girlfriend, a sleeping sedative mishap, all while trying to reunite the girl of his dreams from many moons ago…leading us to see if Jack will get his very own “happy ending”, of will the fates intervene??

I give LOVE WEDDING REPEAT a rating of YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT THIS FILM ON NETFLIX THIS WEEK!  If you enjoy viewing stories about love, romance, weddings, and the trials and tribulations that our beloved family, and friends bring into our lives, then this Netflix Original film is just the ticket for you to enjoy an afternoon or evening of small screen bliss.

Set in the beauty and ambiance of Italy, you can’t help but be taken in not only by this films beautiful Tuscan setting, but by its incredible cast of characters too.  I was also enthralled throughout by this films ingenious premise, on how one small maneuvering of our existence, whether orchestrated by our own demise, or those around us, can instantly change every aspect of our lives.  Kudos to Director and Writer Dean Craig too, for creating a film that ventures down the many different ways these changes impact our futures,  and with multiple alternate endings throughout too, leading you to guess the entire time if anyone in this fabulous film ever ends up getting their very own “happy ending” or not…

I’m not always sold on Netflix Original films, but this one is definitely one of their best creations so far this year ~ so plan to sit back, relax and enjoy LOVE WEDDING REPEAT, at your earliest convenience 😉

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