THE HUNT – Rated R – 1 hour 20 minutes 


This review is brought to you by Kathy Kaiser


The most talked about movie of the year, is the one that nobody’s actually seen…until NOW!”

THE HUNT – Rated R – 1 hour 20 minutes 

DIRECTOR:  Craig Zobrel

WRITERS:  Nick Cuse, Damon Lindelof 

STARRING:  Betty Gilpin, Hilary Swank, Ike Barinholtz. Wayne Duvall, Ethan Suplee, Emma Roberts, Christopher Berry, Sturgill Simpson, Kate Nowlin, Amy Madigan, Reed Birney, Glenn Howerton, Steve Coutler, Dean J West and Vince Pisani

When 12 individuals wake up in a clearing in the middle nowhere, and without a reason why, or how they got there, it seems the final joke will be on them, as they are about to be taken slaughtered like game, as it seems they have all been chosen specifically for THE HUNT!

I give THE HUNT a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN!  With all the controversy surrounding this film from the first moment its trailer hit social media, I’m really surprised that Blumhouse’s latest creation, THE HUNT, ever saw the light of day.  And with as many jabs as it takes at both Liberals and Conservatives, there is more than enough finger pointing to go around, thus giving this film it’s partisan backbone, as we venture out with a group of Liberal elites, that have decided to take out a select group of “deplorables” for their exceptionally twisted views of our society.  Billed as a political satire, THE HUNT, not only hinges our minds to the ways that supposedly “the other half lives”, but it also takes us into raging violence sequences, that are supposedly “needed”, as a way to rid our world of the vermin that simply, just don’t get it!  And, as our society struggles daily between the viewpoints of the Bluebloods and the Rednecks in this notoriously wrong ~ but oh so hilarious film ~ it leaves you guessing if Zobrel and his team were hell bent on in sighting more political struggle within our borders with this film, or was the premise of this film constructed in such a way to make us all stop, think, and attempt to at least talk through our differences.  With an amazing cast, including Academy award winner Hilary Swank, and a totally kick-ass Betty Gilpin all along the way, with a storyline that attempts to harpoon the vast majority of us, in every direction, THE HUNT masterfully brings our everyday lives into a much clearer view, with intense violence, sheer madness, and a lack of sincerity too, frame after frame.  Now, as I continue to struggle not to give the entire premise of this exceptional film away, please just take my word for it, at the end of the day you are going to want to catch this intensely graphic, and emotionally charged film, as the message it ends up conveying, is one that we each need to fully absorb. Hopefully, enough people will view this film with an open mind, and as the sequences throughout become more and more the blueprint of our everyday lives, we can also take in how ridiculous these premises throughout are at the same time,  reaching the conclusion that we should all remain focused on the betterment of, not the destruction of, our fellow man…

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