BAD BOYS FOR LIFE – Rated R – 2 hrs. 3 mins. 


Bad Boys for LIfe

“Entertaining throughout, Bad Boys for Life proves that the Best Cop Duo EVER…is alive and well!” – Kathy Kaiser, 

BAD BOYS FOR LIFE – Rated R – 2 hrs. 3 mins. 

DIRECTED BY:  Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah 

WRITTEN BY:  Chris Bremner, Peter Craig, Joe Carnahan, and George Gallo 

STARRING:  Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Alexander Ludwig, Joe Pantoliano, Paola Nunez, Vanessa Hudgens, Charles Melton, Kate del Castillo, Jacob Scipio, and DJ Khaled

Well, it’s been 25 years since the “Bad Boys of Summer” popped on the big screen with my favorite cop duo EVER, taking on the bad guys in Miami… and now it seems as both Detective Mike Lowery (Will Smith) and his partner Detective Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) are struggling with getting older, Marcus is contemplating retiring from the force, to enjoy what is left of his life, with his family, and new grandbaby.  But for Mike, riding his Detective life into the sunset, is all he ever plans to do.  Well, not so fast here, as it seems someone is hell bent on taking Mike out, and it’s going to not only take Marcus and Mike to find out who it is, but the newly advanced police team known as AMMO (Advanced Metro Miami Operations), full of irritating young cops, to help save Mike from ultimate peril…

I give BAD BOYS FOR LIFE a rating between MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN and WAIT AND CATCH THIS FILM ON DVD! Of all the cop duos in film, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are my favorite pairing, as they bring the right amount of chemistry and funniness, they bring each time to a Bad Boys production.  And as we embark on the 3rd installment of this franchise, I was actually wondering if it’s been too many years – 17 to be exact since Bad Boys II hit the big screen – for the same chemistry to be there between them?  And I can gladly share that it’s as if no time has passed at all, as they are both back, in all their glory, as out favorite detectives defending the streets of Miami!  But with that said, there is something missing with this latest installment too, as it just doesn’t have the same intensity as a whole, as the original two films did.  It may be as simple as the fact that this film doesn’t have Michael Bay, and his intense movie making at the helm.  Or it may be that this films multi-dimensional storyline, veering off in different directions, is what ends up taking away from the film as a whole for me. All I know is that I was hoping for a little more from this Bad Boys for Life, when it was all said and done.  But, regardless of these minor flaws throughout, Bad Boys For Life is still fun, and very entertaining, leading me to suggest that if you have enjoyed the previous films as much as I have in the past, that you have no choice but to head out to a theater near you to catch Bad Boys for Life this weekend!  But, if you weren’t a fan of the franchise before, you might end up being more discontented than I was by the time this film ends, leaving me to suggest that you might want to wait to catch this latest installment on the small screen in your home, once it hits on DVD…

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