Review of LITTLE WOMEN – Rated PG – 2 hrs. 14 mins. 


“A beautifully crafted film…Greta Gerwig’s work is astounding throughout every inch of this classic and contemporary masterpiece!” Kathy Kaiser, 

LITTLE WOMEN – Rated PG – 2 hrs. 14 mins. 

WRITER/DIRECTOR:  Greta Gerwig, Based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott 

STARRING:  Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh, Eliza Scanlen, Laura Dern, Timothy Chalamet, Tracy Letts and Christopher Cooper

Louisa May Alcott’s best-selling novel, Little Women comes to life at the hands of, and intertwining storylines created by one of the most gifted Writers, Directors and Actors of this generation, Greta Gerwig.

As we travel back in time, we meet sisters Jo March (Saoirse Ronan), Meg March (Emma Watson), Amy March (Florence Pugh) and Beth March (Eliza Scanlen), struggling with their mother Marmee (Laura Dern) to keep their family together in the midst of the Civil War, while their father is off in Washington.  As these little women find themselves struggling to keep their sisterly connections strong, within the midst of their ever changing lives, it seems that sisters, and family, are truly the only things we really need in this life…

I give LITTLE WOMEN a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN!  Greta Gerwig’s remake of this classic tale is as extraordinary as it is breathtaking, as she channels the sights, sounds and feelings of four young women, and their struggles they face as they come of age.  Most excitingly within the frames of this incredible remake, is the way that Gerwig manages to share Louisa May Alcott’s own story, intertwined within the characters of her book, turning this film into sheer magic as it graces the big screen!  Curse the Hollywood Foreign Press for not giving Gerwig a nod for her incredible work on this film, as it truly is a sight to behold.  I so hope the Academy rectifies this situation, as she truly deserves accolades from the way she turned this classic story, into a totally contemporary remake.  And talk about the perfect cast throughout…Saoirse Ronan is once again on “top of her game” giving another award worthy performance as the strong willed, and sometimes stubborn Jo March.  Watson is perfectly cast too, as she plays older sister Meg March.  Pugh is formidable as well, giving a dimension to young Amy March that makes her even more engaging throughout this film.  Add in the perfect performances by Chalamet as young Laurie, forced to face his unrequited love for Jo, Dern’s impeccable performance as Marmee, and the small, but intricate role to this storyline of the role of Aunt March, played be Academy Award Winner Meryl Streep, and you end up with one beautifully constructed masterpiece of film making, that will stand the test of time, as it engages even more young women throughout the generations, to embrace the work, life and times, of Ms. Louisa May Alcott!

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