THE IRISHMAN:  Rated R – 3 hrs. 29 mins. – Hitting in theaters NOW and on Netflix November 27th


 “Astoundedly crafted every step of the way!  Netflix is giving the Studios a run for their money again this year!” Kathy Kaiser,

THE IRISHMAN:  Rated R – 3 hrs. 29 mins. – Hitting in theaters NOW and on Netflix November 27th

DIRECTOR:  Martin Scorsese

WRITERS:  Based on the book by Charles Brandt, Screenplay by Steven Zaillian 

STARRING:  Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Ray Romano, Bobby Cannavale and Harvey Keitel

Based on the supposed true Story of his life, we meet the notorious about town Frank Sheeran (Robert De Niro), working as a mobster for the Russell Bufalino’s (Joe Pesci) Crime family, and looking out for his friend and confidant, Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa (Al Pacino) too.  Caught between his life as a mobster, and his beautiful family, filled with daughters that he truly loves, Frank finds as the years roll by, keeping Russell’s boys at bay, and keeping Hoffa’s mouth from setting off a firestorm, is becoming a full-time job.

When Hoffa manages to finally piss-off the wrong guys, Frank has no choice but to follow orders, and do what he’s told…and if what Frank decided to share later on in his life is really true, then we just may finally know what lead to the mysterious disappearance of Hoffa, back in 1975…

I give THE IRISHMAN a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN!  We have been waiting quite a while for Netflix Studios most star-studded film to arrive, and now that it’s here, you most definitely will not be disappointed Scorsese manages yet again to make a Mobster movie for the ages, as whether you believe the story that Frank Sheeran shared while wasting away in a retirement home is true or not, this film will lead you to believe every inch of it!  DeNiro is superb, playing the Mobster/Teamster/Family man Frank Sheeran.  Pacino is even better in my eyes, playing the arrogant ruler of the Teamsters Union, Jimmy Hoffa.  And when you add in the superb performances too from Pesci, Romano, and Cannavale, you have a film filled with lots of Italians, that really know their stuff!  Even more astounding to me than the fabulous directing and acting throughout, is the way this film literally just flies by as you are viewing it, even though it comes in at 3 and ½ hours long.  I was also truly impressed by the digitalized de-aging techniques that were used to make these rather mature actors, look as if they were 30-something again.  Believe me when I tell you, from the extensive and very entertaining storyline, to the fabulous acting, to the flawless cinematography throughout, THE IRISHMAN is going to put Netflix at the top of heap come awards season again this year – as apparently snagging the nod for the Best Foreign Film last year with Roma, was just the tip of the iceberg.  So, make plans to head out to a theater near you throughout he next few weeks, as this is one film you have to catch on the big screen, long before you can tune it in on your small screen at home on Netflix, starting November 27th.

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