“One of the most incredible films of the year!” – Kathy Kaiser, Matineechat.com



DIRECTOR:  Marielle Heller

WRITERS:  Micah Fitzerman-Blue & Noah Harpster

STARRING:  Tom Hanks, Matthew Rhys, Chris Cooper, Susan Kelechi Watson, Maryann Plunkett and Christine Lahti

Get ready to once again venture into the world of make believe, as we meet cynical Journalist Lloyd Vogel (Matthew Rhys), who has been tasked with interviewing one of the sweetest and kindest men of our generation, our favorite friendly neighborhood guy himself Mr. Fred Rogers (Tom Hanks). And as you will soon come to find, even someone as cynical and negative about life in general as Lloyd is, can ultimately be affected by Mr. Rogers incredible philosophies on life, and on how we should all learn to treat our fellow man with nothing but kindness, and respect…

I give A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN!  FABULOUS, STUPENDOUS, DEFINITELY WORTH THE WAIT…as we finally get to view exactly how incredible Hanks is, playing the quiet, noble and more understanding than most, Mr. Fred Rogers.  And making this film even better, Matthew Rhys’s performance is just as incredible as Hanks is, playing journalist and family man, Lloyd Vogel.  From the minute this film starts, you are totally transported back to that wonderful place, where Mr. Rogers taught so many of us, so many things, most importantly to be kind to one another, and to make room in our hearts for everyone we met, no matter whether they seemed to like us in return, or not!  And as this true story storyline emerges between Fred, and real life journalist and friend Tom Junod, you too will be drawn into this film, whether you watched Mr. Rogers back in the day, or not.  A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is one of those feel good stories that everyone should see, whether your 6, 10 or 102! This story also focuses on those misconceptions we sometimes feel, about individuals we don’t really know, as these two journey together for a short period in time on life,  but becoming fast friends in the end, once they gave each other the time and space to really see, who each of them were, and who they could be.   I would also like to suggest that if you didn’t get the opportunity to view the Documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor ~ which came out about Fred Rogers life last year ~ you need to make a point to check out that film out too, before you head out to theater near you – as it really is a good companion film to this one, which actually encompasses more about Fred’s life, before you journey into this short, but significant period of Mr. Roger’s life that you are about to experience with this film.  But different from the previous film I’ve mentioned, A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD will leave you with such a wonderful feeling about life, and the importance of being kind to everyone you meet, that you will absolutely find yourself wanting to venture out to do something good for your fellow man now, all throughout the rest of your life,  I guarantee it!

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