Review of READY OR NOT – Rated R


This review is brought to you by Kathy Kaiser

READY OR NOT – Rated R – 1 hr. 35 mins.

DIRECTORS:  Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett

WRITERS: Guy Busick, Ryan Murphy

STARRING:  Samara Weaving, Adam Brody, Mark O’Brien, Henry Czerny, Andie McDowell, Melanie Scrofano, Kristian Bruun, Nicky Guadagni and Elyse Levesque

Do you like mysteries?  Do you like suspense?  How about a little game of Hide and Go Seek?  Well buckle in for all the above, and more as Ready or Not takes you on a horrifically gory little excursion, as we meet new Bride Grace (Samara Weaving), ecstatic to finally have the family she has longed for for so long, and new hubby Alex’s (Mark O’Brien) family is loaded, even though they are a little peculiar, as they say.  And what could be more exciting on your wedding night, than to have an opportunity to have “Family game night” with your hubby’s clan, including his handsome older brother Daniel (Adam Brody), his welcoming Mother Becky (Andy McDowell), his strange little Father Tony (Henry Czerny), and his beautifully wacked out little sister Emilie (Melanie Scrofano).  And in the time-honored tradition of the La Domas family, pick a card and hope for the best, as you may find yourself fighting for your life, even on your wedding night…

Welcome to the premise of this very different Horror/Comedy/Thriller that not only makes you jump in your seat but keeps you on the edge it most of the way through.  Samara Weaving is spectacular playing the new bride fighting for her life throughout most of this rather strange little film, and the gorgeous and brooding Adam Brody brings his handsomeness along for the ride this time too, confirming once again that even B-Movie material can be enhanced, if you add in a gorgeous guy or two along the way. But even with these perfect castings, there is just something missing from this gamefully crafted film.  Maybe it’s the blood and gore that seems to get old as the film progresses.  Maybe it’s the twists and turns that blatantly slap you in the face, as if you don’t see them coming from a mile away! Maybe it’s the non-sense of it all for this rational thinking viewer, or maybe it’s a little of all of it, that stopped me from finding this film extremely entertaining.  All I do know is that I never really settled into the thrills, chills or Illy written parts of Ready or Not.  The whole film just seemed for me to be B-Movie material all the way through, from its dark and sinister at every turn mansion, to the ridiculous reason why we are playing a game in the first place.  But, with that said, I find myself compelled to share too, that as far as endings go…this film’s ending was a “total game changer” for me, as I never thought we would finally arrive to the conclusion that we did.  So, suffice to say, if you love horror movies, especially one with a twist or two up its sleeve, then by all means, don’t let me stop you from heading out to a theater near you this weekend to catch Ready or Not.  But if you are a true Horror Fan, and enjoy all the blood, guts, gore and scariness every step of the way, then Ready or Not may end up being a totally let down for the true you too, so heed my warning…and wait to catch this particular film on Netflix or other streaming service!

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