Review of DisneyNature’s PENGUINS – Rated G – 1 hr. 16 mins.


This review is brought to you by Kathy Kaiser


PENGUINS – Rated G – 1 hr. 16 mins.

DIRECTOR:  Alastair Fothergill, Jeff Wilson 

WRITER:  David Fowler 


PENGUINS is Disney Nature’s next film, being released just in time for Earth Day 2019, as we embark upon a journey with our new friend Steve (narrated by Ed Helms), an Adelie’ Penguin, who is in search of a partner, and making a family of his own, as he fights through numerous perils that come from living in the frozen tundra of Antarctica…

I give PENGUINS a rating of WAIT AND CATCH THIS FILM ON NETFLIX, STREAMING or DISNEY + in November.  I have always enjoyed Disney Nature releases, and love too, that they release them around Earth Day each year.  The problem I have with their latest release, is that even though the storyline and premise behind the film is really cute, it didn’t blow me away as some of Disney Nature’s previous films like 2010’s OCEANS, and 2011’s BIG CATS or 2012’s CHIMPANZEES.  It pains me to, to tell you to not head out the theater to view this new installment, as I know that it was painstakingly brutal getting all this footage in the icy cold of Antarctica, but I have to, nonetheless.   And also knew going in to see this film, that Penguins aren’t very exciting creatures, although I do enjoy seeing them at the Saint Louis ZOO every time I visit, But this particular film, and its subject matter was just too slow and mundane at times throughout, that I fought staying awake, as our friend Steve was making his way to find a mate, and begin his family in the harsh Artic wilderness.  But, by the same standpoint, if you love Nature, and have seen all of the other DisneyNature films on Earth Day, then by all means, don’t let me stop you from taking your entire family to a theater near you, to view this rated G film, as films with this rating are few, and far between.  But, if you and your children find yourself unimpressed by the lack of magic happening on screen too, you can’t say, I didn’t warn you, before you all headed out to a theater near you 😉

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