MARIA BY CALLAS – Documentary/Biography – 1 hr. 53 mins. 


“but, Destiny is Destiny…and there is no way out…” – Maria Callas

MARIA BY CALLAS – Documentary/Biography – 1 hr. 53 mins. 


STARRING:  Maria Callas, Fanny Ardant, Joyce DiDonato, Aristotle Onassis, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Omar Sharif, Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, Barbara Walters

MARIA BY CALLAS – takes you into the world of Madame/Diva Maria Callas ~ as told to you in her own words ~ and through archival footage throughout her passionate life, and illustrious career…

I give MARIA BY CALLAS a rating between MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN or WAIT TO CATCH THIS FILM ON DVD or STREAMING:  As Biographies go, MARIA BY CALLAS is truly entertaining and oh, so real, as Director Tom Volf takes us deep in to the life of Maria – from her childhood days in New York City, to her education in the Arts in Greece, to her high-profile, and disastrous love affair with Aristotle Onassis.  Refreshingly candid, and ultimately as moving, heartbreaking, and tragic as any of the Operas Maria performed throughout her life, MARIA BY CALLAS provides an inside look into the strong, bold, yet sometimes very insecure Maria, as she struggles with the pressures, and insecurities that consume her incredible, yet ultimately short life, as the premier Opera Singer of the 20th Century.  Vital in this attempt to share Maria’s story ~ and in her own words ~ is the magic that happens on screen, once you get the opportunity to hear, and experience some of the performances throughout her illustrious career.  And once you feel the power, and magnetic energy that Maria conveys through her incredible voice, I think you too will find that MARIA BY CALLAS will be one of those documentaries, that you won’t soon forget…

This Documentary can be found playing on “The Big Screen” at Landmark’s Plaza Frontenac Cinema starting November 30th

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