Review of KIN  –  Rated PG-13  –  1 hr. 42 mins       


This humble opinion is brought to by you T. K. Edwards

KIN  –  Rated PG-13  –  1 hr. 42 mins       

Director by:  Jonathan Baker and Josh Baker

Cast:  James Franco, Jack Reynor, Myles Truitt, Zoe Kravitz, Dennis Quaid, Carrie Coon

After finding a weapon from another world, a young boy and his ex-con brother go on the run from numerous law enforcement agencies, one vengeful criminal and two mysterious figures.


KIN is one of those movies that I have a tough time trying to explain because it falls into such a lonely category for me.  It’s not a bad film. It’s not a great film. It’s more of an average film and this makes it hard for me to describe because it has “everything” you want out of a movie, but “everything” is just not portrayed quite right.  Put it this way, my 9-year-old self would absolutely LOVE this movie, but my _ _ year old self was not that impressed. The action in KIN is decent, but there is not quite enough to keep the audience engaged because there are too many breaks between each sequence to hold that anticipation that is needed for a great movie going experience.  They also try to scatter in some comedy or “little laughs” (as I call them) throughout the movie, but those COMPLETELY miss the mark and are not funny at all. Instead, the characters come across as just unfunny people…for example, like when someone is telling you a story that is not worth your time (#like this review…LOL…just joking…seriously, please keep reading…LMAO) and not paying attention to the fact that you’ve started watching the people walking around outside the window and wishing that was you.  The acting in this film is pretty good, but this also feels like the studio was only able to get actors that were their second or third choices for their characters in this movie. No one did a “bad job”, but at the same time no one was memorable either and there was no “break out” performance. You’re not going home after this movie telling everyone that you just saw Dennis Quaid’s best movie since INNER SPACE (Lol). As for the directors of KIN, this movie marks the first feature film debut for Jonathan & Josh Baker and they did a decent job.  You can tell the studio gave them some extra money to make KIN and they used it in the necessary spots that make this movie watchable, but at the same time you can tell this is their first movie by certain choices they made when it came to the actors’ performances and the overall pace of the film. In conclusion, KIN is a very slow-moving film with sporadic bursts of less than great action sequences and acting that is not memorable. In my opinion, save your money and wait to watch this one at home or not all…you really won’t be missing anything if you skip this one.  Until next time, thanks for reading.

P.S. – There are no post credit scenes.  You’re welcome.

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