BLACKKKLANSMAN – Rated R – 2 hrs. 15 mins.

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BLACKKKLANSMAN – Rated R – 2 hrs. 15 mins

DIRECTOR:  Spike Lee

WRITERS:  Spike Lee, Charlie Wachtel, David Rabinowitz, Kevin Willmott

STARRING:  John David Washington, Adam Driver, Laura Harrier, Topher Grace, Alec Baldwin, Robert John Burke, and Michael Buscemi,

Based on the book by the real-life KKK infiltrator himself, Ron Stallworth (John David Washington) …we are cast into the life of the man himself, when he secures on a new position as the first African American police officer in Colorado Springs.

Striving to be the best that he can be, Ron decides that going undercover is where he wants to focus his energy, convincing Chief Bridges (Robert John Burke) that he can infiltrate the local KKK.  Yep, you heard that right.  Question is… how in the hell is a black man going to attend the organizations meetings, to get the intel he needs??? By sending in his white partner Flip Zimmerman (Adam Driver) of course…you know…” the other Ron” …

Now, as our two Ron’s seem to be fooling everyone involved…it seems that tension is building throughout their fine city, as the KKK’s Grand Master David Duke (Topher Grace) is about to arrive in Colorado…ready to call upon all of his KKK members, including Ron, to raise the bar for white supremacy, and its importance, all across this nation…

I give BLACKKKLANSMAN a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN:  I usually love Spike Lee’s intellectually stimulating and social conscience engaging films, and BLACKKKLANSMAN was no exception.  From the incredibly written and appealing storyline ~ which quite frankly was written evenly for both sides of this racist equation ~ to the superb acting by Washington (He’s absolutely fabulous!) to Driver, Harrier and Grace too, BLACKKLANSMAN makes a statement for the social conscience of our nation’s past, and for our nations present state of affairs as well,  all while thoroughly entertaining viewers the whole way through.  My only wish was that the film could have ended about 2 minutes sooner than it does, as it was perfectly ended for me, before the political rhetoric hits the big screen.  But, even with that said, I feel that Lee has done an incredible job bringing this true story to life, thus leaving me to suggest that everyone over the age of 17 head out to the theaters this weekend to catch BLACKKKLANSMAN, as it will definitely be the talk of the office come Monday morning…

Kathy Kaiser

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