MAZE RUNNER: DEATH CURE – Rated PG-13 – 2 hrs. 22 mins.

Maze Runner Death Cure

This humble opinion is brought to you by T. K. Edwards


Director by:  Wes Ball

Cast:  Dylan O’Brien, Aidan Gillen, Patricia Clarkson, Barry Pepper, Walter Goggins  

This last chapter of the Maze Runner trilogy finds Thomas and his friends set out to find a cure for the “flare” disease and also rescue their captured friends from the evil organization known as WCKD.




Maze Runner: The Death Cure is the final installment of the Maze Runner trilogy series and it is exactly the way I thought it was going to be.  Entertaining but not amazing.  You can always tell where a movie is going to take you by the opening scene and this one opened with a train hijacking scene that was mediocre at best.  The rest of the story moves forward with more of your dramatic cliche scenes, where your hero says he got to go do something on his own without anyone’s help, but his friends show up right before he leaves and say, “we started this together and we’ll finish it together” – (You know, that old chestnut).  So our heroes go to finish what they’ve started, only to find even more obstacles in their way.  One in particular is the discovery of an old enemy, thought to be dead, but now wants to help them.  Who can we trust?, becomes the question they begin asking themselves and as we all know, the answer is…no one.  Our story keeps moving forward and we finally make it to our climatic endings, (because there are like four of them) and we the audience finally get the closure we have been wanting since this Maze Runner film series began.  There is no final scene that shows there could be more story to be told.  There is no post credit scene that shows our Maze Runner villain somehow miraculously didn’t die.  There are no written words in the credits stating “Maze Runner will return”.  There is simply just closure and that is fine by me.


Now on to our cast…
Once again, Dylan O’Brien leads Maze Runner: The Death Cure as our hero Thomas and does a more than adequate job.  I really feel like he’s becoming a very good film actor.  He’s even started to branch out of being known as just “that maze runner guy” by either starring or co-starring in more well known movies like: American Assassin (WELCOME BACK MICHAEL KEATON!!!), The Internship (first we’re in a blender, now we’re saving lives…WHAT?!), and Deepwater Horizon (You almost lost me w/ Battleship Berg).  I think the Maze Runner series has helped shape him into a better, more watchable actor because it forced him to play a character that goes through all the movie genres (action, drama, comedy, sci-fi, and horror) and what more can an actor ask for in a franchise, let alone their career.  Some of the supporting actors that I thought did a very good job in this film were…Barry Pepper (Battlefield Earth will never leave our brains. Pepper…thanks a lot! – That was sarcasm…I hated that film), Aidan Gillen (Question – How did you let Bane get away?), and Walter Goggins (Major League: Back to the Minors – that’s all I’m saying…LOL).  Everyone brought their “B+” game and that was, once again, what I expected from them.  All in all, Maze Runner: The Death Cure was exactly what i thought it was going to be.  A conclusion to a story that I was not extremely interested in, but still watched anyways because…well…it was either that or the Divergent series – I chose right 🙂 .  My suggestion for this movie is to go see it in the theaters if you have spent the time to watch the other two previous films, otherwise wait to watch them all at home or not at all, it doesn’t really matter.  Until next time, thanks for reading.

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