THE POST – Rated PG-13 – 1 hr. 56 mins.


THE POST – Rated PG-13 – 1 hr. 56 mins.

Starring Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Sarah Paulson, Bob Odenkirk, Tracy Letts, Bradley Whitford, and Alison Brie

Torn from the history logs of this great nation, and brought to the screen by Academy Award Winning Director Steven Spielberg, we meet Washington Post Heiress and Publisher Kay Graham (Meryl Streep), making her way in the publishing world, as the first Woman CEO in this male dominated profession.  When Graham’s hard-hitting Editor Ben Bradlee (Tom Hanks) uncovers more details about our government’s mishandling of the Vietnam War, than even the New York times has revealed, Bradlee pushes that the Post must do what any reputable journalistic entity would do, share our countries cover-up of what was really happening over the span of 4 presidencies, in regard to the Vietnam War.  Graham wrestles with Bradlee’s decision, knowing that this information should definitely go public, but also knowing that the reputation of her family’s business,  her own, and the lives of many of her closest friends, and allies, lies on her decision…

I give THE POST a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN ~ Even though most of us know this story either from living through it in the media, or learning about it a history class, this film, and the performances throughout, are something that every American should view.  Streep does a superb job as Publisher Kay Graham, showing her vulnerability one minute, and her decisiveness the next.  Hanks is also perfectly cast as the journalistic master behind orchestrating and acquiring some of the most important information ever shared with the American people, about our governments misdealings in a war that took 58,000+ American lives.  There are also exceptional performances throughout from Odenkirk, Paulson, Whitford and Letts as well, thus bringing sheer perfection to every frame of this film.  THE POST Is the one movie released this weekend that you have to catch at a theater near you,,.as it truly is a must see on the big screen, as  seeing it any other way, is just another injustice to this tragic American biography…

Kathy Kaiser

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