Review of ALL IS SEE IS YOU – Rated R – 1 hr. 50 mins.

ALl lI See is you.png

ALL IS SEE IS YOU – Rated R – 1 hr. 50 mins. 

Starring Blake Lively, Jason Clarke, and Ahna O’Reilly  

As we meet the blind since childhood heroine of our story – the beautiful Gina (Blake Lively), she is in a loving relationship with her hubby James (Jason Clarke), who enjoys assisting her, and helping her through life, as she tries to mange without her sight…

When a procedure that may restore some of her eyesight is suggested, Gina longs for the ability to see the images she hasn’t seen since childhood, and her hubby’s face for the first-time too…

When her eyesight is partially restored, and Gina begins to live out her intensely exciting sighted life, her hubby James seems to be thrown off by all of the newfound confidence and independence Gina is experiencing…

Now with the ability to see everything around her, Gina’s sighted existence is nothing like she imagined it was when she was blind. Wanting to put every aspect of her life in place to coincide with what she assumed her life was when she was blind, Gina and James are now forced to face the realities of their extremely dysfunctional marriage, and the life that Gina longs to live, no longer needed James assistance…

I give ALL I SEE IS YOU a rating of WAIT AND CATCH THIS FILM ON NETFLIX or STREAMING ~ Lively’s performance is okay, as the blind woman finally gaining back her sight, much to the dismay of the man who supposedly loves her, but it isn’t anything that we haven’t seen from her before   Clarke’s performance is just okay too, as the man whose own life is unraveling, as he feels threatened by his wife’s sight, while he is unwilling to share his own emotional torment. Director Marc Forster (MONSTER’s BALL, QUANTUM OF SOLACE, WORLD WAR Z) has done some incredible work in the past, but I’m thinking his take on this blind vs. sighted storyline, and totally dysfunctional marriage, falls short of his previous work, thus leading me to suggest that you wait and catch ALL IS SEE IS YOU on NETFLIX or STREAMING when it becomes available a few short weeks from now…

Kathy Kaiser

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