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1 hr. 48 mins 

Starring Luke Evans, Rebecca Hall, Bella Heathcote, Connie Britton and Oliver Platt 

Director, Writer and Producer Angela Robinson takes on the real-life story of Psychologist William Moulton Marston – aka Wonder Woman comic creator Charles Moulton – and the women who inspired his work…this is PROFESSOR MARSTON AND THE WONDER WOMEN!

Living out his professional life as a psychologist studying human sexuality, we meet Harvard Alum Professor William Marston (Luke Evans), and his intelligent devoted wife, and co-hart in his research Elizabeth Marston (Rebecca Hall).

When they decide it might be time to further their research, they bring on the extremely beautiful and talented Olive Byrne, to assist them in their work.

Although Olive is newly engaged, this relationships that are forming between her, Dr. Marston, and his wife as well, are way beyond the realms of “normalcy”…

As their working relationships grows, so does their love and passion for one another, bringing a swarm of controversy into their work, and their everyday lives.

Loosing their positions at the University, due to their unconventional lifestyles, Prof Marston, Elizabeth and Olive decide to take up residence together, but conveying a different realism to the outside world, than the life they live behind closed doors.

Needing an outlet for his work, and the passion he shares with the two women in his life, Professor Marston – aka Charles Moulton – creates a new woman SUPER HERO comic, directly giving the world a view into their real-life escapades, once he convinces M. C. Gaines (Olive Pratt), to publish it.

Once again, triumph turns to dismay, as Charles Moulton’s work is being now being scrutinized for its extreme violence, blatant bondage and perverse sexuality, which is now being consumed by the children of this country…in comic book form…

When once again their true lives are disclosed to the outside world, they are forced to live within a lifestyle deemed “normal”…for a while anyway…

I give PROFESSOR MARTSON and THE WONDER WOMEN a rating between MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN and WAIT AND CATCH THIS FILM ON DVD! Although I found this film to be edgy, provocative, and very intriguing the whole way through, I think that Warner Brothers and DC Comics might wish that this True Story of how Wonder Woman came to be, was left in the annals of the life of Professor Marston & his ladies, and not brought to the big screen. Evans shines as the Psychologist in love with two women, and for distinctly different reasons. Hall and Heathcote are also truly magical together, as the women in Marston’s life who are not only devoted to him, but to each other. Angela Robinson did a superb job of bringing this polyamorous storyline to life, showing that we can fall in love with, and being devoted to more than one person, it’s a part of our nature, and whose to say we can’t be exactly who we are…unless you happen to want to live out your life married to two women, who are also lovers, in the midst of 1940’s America…

Kathy Kaiser

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