IT – Rated R – 2 hours 15 minutes



IT – Rated R – 2 hours 15 minutes

Staring Bill Skarsgard, Finn Wolfhard, Sofia Lillis and Jaeden Lieberher.

The beginning of the movie relates back to the original 1990 film. Bill (Jaeden Lieberher) and Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott) are messing around with the paper boat they created. Georgie takes it out into the rain only to watch it drift to a sewer drain where it falls in. IT (Bill Skarsgard) then appears and proceeds to offer Georgie a balloon and tries to persuade him to come to the “carnival” that is down in the sewer. Georgie then tells him no, explaining that he (IT) is a stranger. It then introduces himself as “Pennywise the dancing Clown” still trying to convince Georgie to enter the sewer. Georgie says he has to leave and IT reminds him not to forget his boat. He then tries to retrieve his boat, only resulting in the clown biting his arm off. Scared, Georgie begins trying to get away, the result is not what’s hoped for as IT the clown kills him. Its now been awhile since Georgie has been gone. Bill now makes it his mission to find Georgie. He rounds up a group of friends to try and gather help. After agreeing the IT starts to subject himself to each one of the volunteers, targeting their fears, he makes himself known. The kids do enough digging and soon find out where IT lives. They proceed to travel down the well in search to find IT. Bill realizes that if they fight against their fears it effects IT, almost like it weakens him. They use this method in attempt to defeat (kill) IT. The clown then climbs into a deeper sewer pipe, sending him falling into a deep black hole of darkness. This brings us to the end of the movie. The children are all standing in a circle saying their goodbyes. They all promise that if he returns, they will all be back to fight him once again. Expect a chapter 2. Although there are some big and small differences between the 1990’s film and this one, I feel that it is just an updated version of the original. I feel that some of the grunge and derogatory comments weren’t needed but I guess with a movie like this, it can be expected. The sexual comments weren’t needed. A horror movie shouldn’t have many things like that. With the twist and all the comments and cussing I feel that it was just the director adding the taste of this day and age into the film.

Lyndsey Hamilton

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