THE ONLY LIVING BOY IN NEW YORK – Rated R – 1 hr. 28 mins.


THE ONLY LIVING BOY IN NEW YORK – Rated R – 1 hr. 28 mins.  

Starring Jeff Bridges, Pierce Brosnan, Cynthia Nixon, Kate Beckinsale & Callum Turner

As we venture into the average and ordinary everyday life of college grad Thomas Webb (Callum Turner), it seems that he has just acquired a very eccentric new resident in his apartment complex by the name of W. F. Gerald (Jeff Bridges).

Sparking a very intriguing friendship up with Gerald, Thomas seems to find the kind of mentor he’s been searching for all his life in the tapestry of this new relationship, while his relationship with his own father, publisher Ethan Webb (Pierce Brosnan), grows more distant with each passing day…

When Thomas comes to the realization that his father Ethan is having an affair with the extremely beautiful and talented Johanna (Kate Beckinsale), their father and son relationship deteriorates even further, as why would he do this to Thomas’s mother Judith (Cynthia Nixon), knowing how fragile her every day existence already is?

As Thomas tries to come to grips with the knowledge of the affair, and his strained relationship with long-time friend Mimi (Kiersey Clemons) is coming to a head too… Gerald decides to help direct Thomas through all these ups & downs of real-life, attempting to ease his pain and torment, and in the process…teach Thomas to follow his heart, and his dreams, regardless of where they might lead him…

I give THE ONLY LIVING BOY IN NEW YORK a rating of MUST SEE ON THE BIG SCREEN! Talk about the dynamic duo of movie making – Director Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer, The Amazing Spiderman, Gifted) totally brings Writer Allan Loeb’s (Just Go With It, The Space Between Us, Collateral Beauty) work to life in this touching take on one young man’s life, amongst the very passionate streets of New York City. And talk about the perfect cast ~ from the gruff exterior and heart of gold persona of Bridges character, to the womanizing ways of Brosnan, to the always drop dead gorgeous Beckinsale – their isn’t a flaw along the way throughout this fabulous film! And past Burberry model turned actor ~ the very talented Englishman Callum Turner ~ is incredible too, as the young man setting out find true love, and protect his mother all along the way, while realizing his own world isn’t at all what it seems. If your tired of all the action packed thrillers out in the theaters this weekend, then please, take a jaunt to the gentler side of the movies, and go catch THE ONLY LIVING BOY IN NEW YORK – it’s an all-around totally fabulous film!

Kathy Kaiser

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