IT COMES AT NIGHT – Rated R 1 hr. 31 mins.

it comes at night

IT COMES AT NIGHT – Rated R – 1 hr 31 mins 

Starring Joel Edgerton, Christopher Abbott, Carmon Ejogo, Riley Keough and Kelvin Harrison Jr. 

Brought to life by Writer and Director Trey Edward Shults, we venture into the deep woods, and lives of Paul (Joel Edgerton), his wife Sarah (Carmen Ejogo) and their son Travis (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) as they try to escape a biological killer within their midst.

When another man named Will (Christopher Abbott) happens upon their home, Paul is hell bent on not allowing this stranger, and potential carrier of “the dreaded disease”, anywhere near his family.

As Will convinces Paul that his own family is in jeopardy within miles of their homestead, Paul decides to finally let down his guard, and assists Will in bringing his family back to this secure location.

While these conjoined families try desperately to not allow paranoia, or this biological nightmare to creep into their lives, it seems that neither of these ambitions is going to play out well, as “survival of the fittest” has now become the game of choice

I give IT COMES AT NIGHT a rating of WAIT AND CATCH THIS FILM ON NETFLIX, HULU or PAY PER VIEW! Even though I have enjoyed Edgerton in many roles throughout his career – including those in THE GREAT GATSBY, THE GIFT, BLACK MASS & last year’s LOVING just to name a few…this role seemed really subpar for such a seasoned actor. I also wasn’t sold on the “ZOMBIESQUE” feel of this film, along with its “unknown plague” factor, as the entire time I was viewing it, I just kept feeling like a was watching a longer WALKING DEAD episode. I’m sure that Shults left so many unanswered questions throughout this film too in an attempt to allow the viewer to come to many of his or hers own conclusions, but this concept just began to annoy me too as it all played out. So, if you love Zombies and intense drama at times, then you might want to catch IT COMES AT NIGHT at a theater near you this weekend. But, if you ask me, this film would be much better viewed within the comfort of your own home a few weeks from now, as I definitely wasn’t sold on this REALLY NOT SCARY horror film, leaving me to suggest that you NOT head to a theater near you to catch it!

Kathy Kaiser 

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